Barn Owls and a purged lens collection

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Barn Owls and a purged lens collection

I've had a busy week further refining my lens collection - sold off my 70-210 beercan to an appreciative buyer. I also got very little money (and rightly so) for my original Minolta lens pair - the 35-80xi and 80-200xi power zooms that served me through high school and college photography courses and yearbook staff. (<sniff>).  And, in the same day, I sold a recently-acquired Minolta 35-105 newer model zoom that worked fine but wasn't seeing much use.

All of this was to justify a new (used) purchase - Sony 70-300G...a more affordable stepping stone to the 70-400G that I ultimately  hope to aquire.

Anyway, the night before I shipped off the beercan I took a farewell drive with it and got a couple of reasonable keepers at the wildlife management area near my home:

Hopefully more like this to come after the new glass arrives...


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Re: Barn Owls and a purged lens collection

A beautiful Barn Owl! I sold my beeercan to  for similar reasons to you, I have to say I still miss it!

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William Porter
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Re: Barn Owls and a purged lens collection

I LOVE owls. Enjoyed these photos a lot. Liked the one showing the owl jumping into flight. And the first photo—the pattern of the back feathers that I'm seeing (I think) through his legs is pretty interesting. Not sure what I'm looking at but it's intriguing.

We have a couple species of owls here in Dallas. Had an eastern screech owl living in an owl house I put up, for two seasons, but he or she moved on. But I've seen bigger owls by the lake and even in our yard. The spooky thing is how quiet they are when they fly. Fascinating birds!

Anyway thanks for the pictures.


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