XS-1 compared to Sony a33 but not a superzoom

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Re: Same here

I have no problems with focus, sure if light is very low and you zoom in all the way immediately and try get focus it on occasion battles, but my experience is that the AF works very well.

I see on TechRadar that the XS1 won superzoom of the year 2012 (best in class), with the SX50 recommended, so yet another feather in the XS1's cap. Ratty I know you own a X100 so you'll be happy to know the X100s wins the most advanced compact category.

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Exactly right.....

jcmarfilph wrote:


rattymouse wrote:


Hi There,

Ralph, while I use to own a Fuji bridge cam, and like, it in many ways, but there was lot of things at the same time that I don't miss at all from point-and shoot type of cam..and AF SPEED is one of them!....For instance,I tried out the XS-1 in my local camera store, as I was thinking to get one at one point, and oh my goodness i was never able to lock FOCUS in florescent light environment no matter the settings, ( I gave to the vendor and I can assure you, he was going banana!

I had the EXACT same experience as you did. I tried out a good dozen X-S1's in the shops, both here in China as well as in London. Every last time I could not get the camera to simply lock focus in the shop if even a moderate amount of zoom was used. I could not believe how poor the auto focus was and was extremely disappointed. I think that goes a long way to explain why the images from this camera are so soft. It is hard to see the point in a camera with such poor autofocus.

Doesnt Fuji test their products in all light??

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Yep Ratty,

It's a shame cause I really like the cam..and at first when I was fiddle around with it, I thought it was my fault, but after the sales guy try everything possible to make it right...only then I realized that...it wasn't my fault...

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If it cannot focus even at widest end then it is definitely faulty. If you are focusing on a zoomed object then you might need to use macro mode if the subject is within the minimum focusing distance in tele mode.

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I've been pondering over an XS-1 for a while and now the price is very good I jumped on one. It arrived today and I've given the focusing a good testing. If you can't focus while zooming indoors you just switch over to macro focusing and it locks no problem. I think this is a classic case of blaming the camera for something it's actually designed to do. There are no speed and accuracy of focus issues with the copy I've just received that's for sure. I have to say it's a very impressive camera, especially for the price it's selling at now.

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Re: My conclusion...

@ CAcreeks:

Nice work .. looks good. Thanx

Sharpening: Yeah, propably i have to try out alternatives to "sharp=mid hard" in cam. Although i have to admit, that i am pretty happy with it. Compared to my trials using usm on my first XS-1 files "sharp=mid soft" didn´t give results as "sharp" as the in cam version, but making noise more visible at the same time ..

Little i can say about AF-problems some seem to have with XS-1. Mine is very reliable, actually about like the Sony slt a33.

It has problems with "moving motives", for example water ..

I found that "AF tracking" is very good there. Don´t use the actual "tracking" as suggested by cam, just half-press the shutter as usual - very good results!

One thing i am asking myself for quite a while:

What is the use of in-cam RAW-Conversion?! The results will just be like jpegs ooc, won´t they. It could be interesting, if pictures could be safed as tiff  ...

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Why use in-cam Raw conversion?

babha wrote:

What is the use of in-cam RAW-Conversion?! The results will just be like jpegs ooc, won´t they. It could be interesting, if pictures could be safed as tiff ...

I wondered the same thing myself.

A guy who is writing a book about Fuji X cameras posted the answer. Sorry I forgot his name.

If you got a Standard (Provia) conversion and you want it more saturated, re-do the conversion using Velvia. Or warmer with more shadow contrast, re-do using Astia. Etcetera.

I suppose you can also change the sharpening and NR settings.

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Re: Why use in-cam Raw conversion?


yeah .. THAT sounds clever ! Strange, it doesn´t come in one´s mind ..

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Re: Same here

Well joms, it happend most at mid Long end of the zoom, i'm pretty sure I have tried all the settings included the EXR mode....

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