Please let me know what you think of my copy of 16 2.8

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Re: Please let me know what you think of my copy of 16 2.8

GaryW wrote:

captura wrote:

You didn't say, but I'd guess you have one of the newer NEXes, and distortion correction is enabled. Looks OK.

There doesn't seem to be much geometric distortion with this lens (so there shouldn't be much correction). Contrast that with the kit lens, which has noticeable barrel distortion at the wide angle, like most (?) wide lenses.

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Gary W.

My experience was somewhat the opposite. Have you ever tried it on a NEX5 or a NEX3 where Sony didn't bother with distortion correction? On my 3, the 18-55 was iffy under 24mm and over about 40, especially wide open. But the 16 was unusable.

Now with the new 5R, both are usable but the 18-55 is still far better. No barrel distortion with either. I use f5.6 or f8 for both. What is your experience with these lenses and which NEX cameras have you used? Did you enable distortion correction?

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Here's my (future) copy - please let me know

I got this picture from a person who will probably sell me the lens - here's the sample at f2.8.

The person shot another one at f5.6 but unfortunately it was automatic and the ISO bumped up to 800.. nevertheless, here's the shot.

I know it's not the best scene, but can at least something be said about this copy with comparison to the ones that you guys own?


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Re: Here's my (future) copy - please let me know

Very hard to tell.  The right side looks soft but the focal distance is close, lighting kind of flat, not much detail to resolve and the lens is wide open.

Can you ask for an f8 at infinity with detail.

I just bought fish eye and wide angle adapter, will post when I can get out to test.

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