What is your Alternate Camera?

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Cideway Veteran Member • Posts: 5,704
What is your Alternate Camera?

Most of you on this forum would likely have a Pentax DSLR as your Primary camera, you may even have a Pentax DSLR as your secondary camera, but what is your alternate camera, one that is very different in either form or function from your main Pentax.

My main cameras are a K5 and K5II, with a K20D as backup, but my alternate camera is a GoPro Hero 3 Black edition. Its role is to go places that my DSLRs cannot.

So what are your alternate cameras?

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A weather sealed ultra wide, is that too much to ask?
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rogerstpierre Veteran Member • Posts: 3,921
Samsung EX-1 (nt)
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essH Contributing Member • Posts: 845
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

Nikon Coolpix S2550 - small, cheap, easily pocketable and capable of some degree of video.

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Michael de Ruijter Contributing Member • Posts: 840
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

Canon SX220HS mounted to the flash hotshoe for simultaneous HD video recording.

Works well, but unfortunately the sound of the SLR taking pictures is recorded. But it's better than no video at all.

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AlainCo Regular Member • Posts: 149
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

Fujifilm X10

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dlacoutu Contributing Member • Posts: 811
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

Samsung NX200 with the 30mm pancake...

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jeanphilippe Goube Senior Member • Posts: 1,736
Pentax Q
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Djouglee Regular Member • Posts: 349
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

Pentax 67

Fuji GA645zi

Graflex Speed Graphic

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RichardRE Regular Member • Posts: 111
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

My Panasonic LX3. Also great for close-ups.

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Jim King
Jim King Veteran Member • Posts: 8,259
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

I have two alternates, actually:  a Leica M9 when I want FF and the handling of a rangefinder, and a Ricoh GXR when I want compact size and the handling of a MILC.  I'm considering a Fuji X-E1 for the future, as I could use my older lenses with obsolete camera mounts on it, such as my Canon G Zeiss lenses.

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mike703 Veteran Member • Posts: 6,655
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bjdavey Forum Member • Posts: 91
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

Canon S-95.  Always in my pocket, always available.

henryk1 Contributing Member • Posts: 954
Nikon Coolpix S8200

It's a $140 refurb from B&H. 16 mp. Wish it did .DNG raws, but the .jpgs are pretty good. I use it for those occasions where my K-5 or K20D or K-01 would be unsuitable, such as at the Pearl Harbor memorial, where "big cameras" are forbidden. I'd use it in situations where the camera might be at severe risk, such as kayaking or canoeing, but an old-but-still-good *ist DS and cheapo FA 28-90 lens seems better for that.

someuy Regular Member • Posts: 172
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

K-5 and K-01 as primaries

Panny LX-5 as a compact

An old Olympus C720UZ (​U​ltra​Z​oom - I laugh at your modern superzooms!) 3MP digital from about 2001 that still sees daily duty at the shop for web shots.

Nikon FM (my first camera)

Leica M3 (my Dad's camera)

Mamiya M645 Pro

Fuji GSW690II

Yashicamat 124G

I may need an intervention, I'm actually looking at 4x5 cameras right now, even though it would cost about $70 a shot (film, processing, drum scanning).  Of course, I could bring that price down if I build a complete darkroom...


fakuryu Senior Member • Posts: 1,329
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

Pentax Q


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It's not about the tool, its how you use it

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leopold Forum Pro • Posts: 14,083
Sony NEX-3 ....

So i have a K20D and a K-01 ... but family photos and video it's an NEX-3.

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Jim in Hudson Senior Member • Posts: 2,086
Panasonic LX7 (nt)
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rossdoyle Regular Member • Posts: 128
Re: What is your Alternate Camera?

For a long time my alternate was a Canon G11. However I find myself using the K-01 for that duty now. When I need something really quick I have started using the Galaxy S3 cell phone.

Russ Houston
Russ Houston Veteran Member • Posts: 6,372

Though it's getting hard to say which camera is the alternate.  I've gotten to where I take my OM-D pretty much everywhere, and use my K5 for "specialty" shots like telephoto, or long/fast shots.

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Jim Beverlin Veteran Member • Posts: 4,155
Re: Sigma DP2X

Super sharp lens on this little jewel that is right at the correct focal length (42mm) for a lot of my shots.

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