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Nikon SB910

I was given this flash as a gift a few months ago and have not had a lot of issues with it, other than trying to learn all of what it can do! However, a few days ago I was doing some shots of one of my grandchildren and the flash would emit 3 quick "pre flashes" and then the full flash - a full 1 1/2 sec delay.  I've tried everything possible to eliminate this, including a full reset of the flash. It's in the flash because it does the same thing on any DSLR that I use. I've contacted Nikon and as usual they want me to send it back, however before losing this for the next 4 to 6 weeks, I like to hear if anyone has had this happen with the 910 or is there something I'm missing.  Any help on this is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Nikon SB910

Please disregard the post. I identified the issue and was able to rectify the situation, thank you

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