PSA: Do you attach your camera strap correctly?

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PSA: Do you attach your camera strap correctly?

After reading a post about a DPR member blaming a strap manufacturer for his camera/lens falling, I thought I'd do a thread about it.

Having worked in a camera shop for almost 10 years, I can tell you that I've seen everything, from straps tied or knotted, to straps held on only by the little loop bit designed to keep the ends tidy, and not even through the buckles.

What I see most often, though, is straps dutifully slipped through the buckles, almost correctly.  This usually holds the cameras securely enough, sometimes for years, but they can occasionally slip out.

Most people skip right past the "attaching your strap" part of the camera manual, but you might be surprised by what it shows.

This is from the Spanish D700 manual.  I can't find my English one.  Oh dear!

This is what I see 90% of the time.  It works fairly well, but can occasionally loosen over time, and the consequences can be disastrous!

Guaranteed to keep your strap tight and secure.

I have no idea what other camera manufacturers recommend, but I think this method will work with most straps.

Some people don't use straps at all, because they catch on things or get in the way.  If that's you, and you're inclined to start a discussion about the evils of straps: move along and start your own thread! 

Nikon D700
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Osvaldo Cristo
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Yes, I do

Yes, do attach according Nikon User´s Manual andI add a small manual stitch, just in case

Probably I am not a typical user: I always download and study carefully the User´s Manual before to buy any major value stuff. Several times at this study I decide to change the model or even to give up of the purchase...

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I've been using the Canon method

Checked my Canon manual and I guess I am using the Canon method, which works OK so far:

OP GeorgeD200 Regular Member • Posts: 402
Re: I've been using the Canon method

Interesting.  I think the "Canon method" is more obvious, and quite a bit more common.

I'm a little biased toward Nikon, but I do actually think it's a slightly better method.  Over time, the weight pulls the tail further into the buckle, whereas with the Canon system, it would work itself out of the buckle.

I have seen some with the "Canon method" dangerously close to coming out, but perhaps the original strap attacher didn't leave a long enough tail in the first place.

Probably in actual use, they're both fine.  In the end, it's your investment, so do what you will!

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Re: PSA: Do you attach your camera strap correctly?

Since I use an old hippy strap with metal clips theres no way to get it wrong.

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Re: PSA: Do you attach your camera strap correctly?

Those straps that come with the camera are just plain silly. The old fashioned type with the spring type snap on buckle is the only way to go. Just add a pair of circular or triangular (Pentax) rings from ebay onto the camera lugs and snap on the strap. Easy on, secure, easy off. Switch between hand held and tripod mounted without the strap in a snap. The camera brand straps are so amateurish by comparison.

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I do it more or less like my climbing harness.

If I can trust my life to my climbing harness, I think my camera will be safe.

Falling would be bad.

But this is a great public service announcement, thanks for posting it.

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