X30 Feature Request

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CAcreeks Forum Pro • Posts: 12,245
Re: 'Duck/Squirrel Recognition' - IP/patent gold...

Mark H wrote:

'Duck/Squirrel Recognition' (a la 'Face Recognition') - must be fortune to be made in patenting that as.


Usually it is Billx with all the good jokes, but this one is a side splitter.

Sorry I can't be too cynical however. Today I really enjoyed seeing all the Fujifilm people behind innovations in the new X-Trans cameras. If this is marketing, it's working on me.

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Re: X30 Feature Request

Luc de Schepper wrote:

My wishlist is short; for more people to realize they can shoot fabulous images with their current gear.

But... but... but... to make an awesome picture is MANDATORY to have at least a full frame x-trans III 30Mpx 14-280mm f1-2.8 camera!!, and that's for a compact, because truth be told, it should be medium format with a fixed maximum aperture of f1.

By the way, that was sarcasm. I couldn't agree more with your comment!

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Mark H
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Wrong forum for 'photo sharing'...

arcobaleno wrote:

.... Moreover, I like photography even more than new gear and would like to see on this forum more interesting pics instead of endless and often empty talk on tech features.

Well you really are in the wrong forum...

Quote: "Welcome to the Fujifilm FinePix Talk Forum, the place to discuss Fujifilm compact digital cameras.

...the photo sharing forums can be found elsewhere.

[Message from Mod] Mark, this is uneccessary from you or other users to comment on. Please be concerned about your own forum behaviour which has been less than ideal over the past few days.

And that would be great to see in those photos something different from flowers, birds, cats, leaves on the ground and landscapes taken from the bedroom window.

Take your pick... Flickr, Picassa, PBase, to name just a few - and you'll instantly find thousands upon thousands of photos 10x, 100x, better and more inspiring than anything you'll see here.

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Re: X30 Feature Request

Weather shield and even brighter lens in all focal length.

metalized Forum Member • Posts: 68
Re: I want to see an X2

that's for xf2 i think

CAcreeks Forum Pro • Posts: 12,245
Re: I want to see an X2

metalized wrote:

that's for xf2 i think

The XF1 lens is nowhere near as good as the X10 lens, as is evident from comparing Rattymouse's pictures from each.

metalized Forum Member • Posts: 68
Re: I want to see an X2

CAcreeks wrote:

metalized wrote:

that's for xf2 i think

The XF1 lens is nowhere near as good as the X10 lens, as is evident from comparing Rattymouse's pictures from each.

xf will have better lens then.. and with an x-trans cmos ii sensor. well, maybe

Mickey LeBeau Junior Member • Posts: 41
Re: X30 Feature Request

Bernie wrote:

- Real EVF (no hybrid) with high resolution 2'300'000 dots

- Movie-mode with 23.976 fps, 24fps and 25fps

- tilting-screen

- Noise reduction "off"-setting in JPEG-mode (no noise reduction!)

- Continuous-shooting with 3/2/1 fps with AF-refocusing for every shoot (not only

the first one)

- Continuous-shooting with external flash (on my X10 and X-S1 disabled)

- Accessoire: Stronger external flash-gun (GN 58)



I would add to the list a 3x's & 4x's digital zoom for those times when the 2x is not quite enough.

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Re: X30 Feature Request

The X ×0 fixed zoom lens series still is my best choice for her mix of IQ, lens, sensor, design, and experience as well as size.

If there is any chance of being read, I'd rather like FUJI to keep the path, and improve the specs even further if that would be possible within the same budget.

1. A 24-120 mm, f 1.8 ~ 2.4 fixed zoom lens with Macro (keep it as fast as possible),

2. An even bigger sensor (avoid the pixel race, I only care for IQ),

3. A full information hybrid? viewfinder with better coverage,

4. A wider shutter speed range,

5. A better resolution LCD,

6. A general overall smaller size, with exactly the same aesthetics and spirit.

7. Include a std UV filter and regular carrying case (avoid the mandatory optionals).

My two cents, Carlos


When could we expect a X30?

evoprox Senior Member • Posts: 1,469
Re: X30 Feature Request

Pretty much what I wished the X20 to have or be - obviously in vain - but here goes:

- one-inch sensor (or no deal !)

- same lens as the X10/X20, 28-112mm equiv./f2-2.8, adapted to the new sensor (= slightly larger, but still relatively compact)

- tilt screen

- built in ND-filter

- more reliable on-off switch

- EVF (my guess is that the X30 will have one anyway)

- 3 custom modes via dial

- second customizable multi-purpose ring on the lens e.g. for easy manual focusing

- tiltable in-cam flash with fixable upright position

- option to turn the bl..dy noise reduction entirely OFF

- Go Fuji - make it a cannibal this time

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geoson Contributing Member • Posts: 900
Something Brewing?

From Fuji Rumors:


I hope that the 3rd option turns out to be a bridge with a larger sensor and a smaller zoom.

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Hybrid viewfinder from the X100

silps wrote:

Now that the X20 is old news what do you want see in the X30?

My wish list:

24mm on the wide end

Higher res tilt LCD screen

Touch screen

Closer to 100% optical viewfinder (actually the might as well throw in a hybrid viewfinder)

Built-in wifi

So how about your wish list?

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Re: X30 Feature Request

I would love a better compact fixed zoom lens option, provided it will be broader (24-120) and faster (1.8-2.4), have a bigger sensor 1" (a Sony RX100 II challenger), an even better viewfinder and similar overall design philisophy at almost the same reasonable price range.

Though I like the Sony's smaller size much, this Fuji Project wish list isn't matched by anyone yet.

-Carlos Lacroze

VaLeX Senior Member • Posts: 1,070
Re: X30 Feature Request

An 27-125mm equiv. constant F2 lens. But, since we're not supposed to dream here, the actual lens is ok.

The actual sensor is ok, maybe tweaked for better high ISO and better DR.

Better focus.

Tilt screen.

Two configurable wheels for settings (front wheel, reall wheel).

A more protruding handgrip.

Realistically, my ideal camera would be a tweaked 20 with with a screen similar to Oly Xz20 or Pentax MX1.

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Trevor G Veteran Member • Posts: 6,576
Re: X30 Feature Request - a sensor that is less noisy.

silps wrote:

Now that the X20 is old news what do you want see in the X30?

I would have thought that actual X20 owners might have responded.

Since they haven't I'll step in:

1) A sensor that is not noisy like the present one.

The only failing of the existing X20 is a very noisy sensor, even at ISO100.

Go up from there and it becomes horrendous when viewed at 100%.  Even the X10 is not all that great at ISO320, butthe X20 easily surpasses it (in noise, especially).

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Trevor G
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makofoto Contributing Member • Posts: 516
Re: X30 Feature Request

"might as well throw in a hybrid viewfinder"

... and you're willing to pay $1,000+ for this ?

Tapper123 Senior Member • Posts: 1,671
If X30 rumors are correct...

If the recent "xjrumor" rumor is correct, then the X30 could be very exciting. If they can integrate a sensor bigger than the RX100 (something like the Canon G1X sensor), maintain the body size, keep the viewfinder, add a flip screen it could be truly special. The hardest part, I would guess, would be the lens, since it would need to get bigger for the sensor. Personally I'd prefer they cut some of the tele end, and start the wide end at 24mm, maybe 24mm - 85mm equiv for example.

My fear is that Fuji will be afraid to make the X30 too good, lest it compete against the X100 series. With a sensor just 20% smaller than the APS-C X cameras, and a good quality integrated zoom, the X30 could be virtually as good for most uses.

I hope the xjrumo rumor is correct. I love the Sony RX series, and I have an RX100 II pre-ordered, but it's sad there is no real competition for the RX cameras. The rumored X30 could finally give some competition, albeit the body size would still make the RX100 series the best small size camera. But the X30 could become the best jacket pocket size camera with a zoom lens and VF.

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Re: If X30 rumors are correct...

The rumored X30 or Fuji's answer to the Sony RX100 II challenge must fulfil many requirements, soon and at a similar reasonable price range, without mining her bigger sisters' segment, the 100S.

Wouldn't mind the "best >jacket pocket< size camera", is bigger than the best small size cam, provided a broader (24-120) and faster (1.8-2.4) fixed zoom lens, a bigger sensor 1" (a Sony RX100 II challenger), the X ×0 compact line experience is kept, an even better viewfinder as well as a similar overall design philisophy, while keeping at least the device quality and IQ standards from her bigger sisters.

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Ric Cheng Regular Member • Posts: 321
Re: X30 Feature Request

X30 features :

X100S with zoom lens (24mm to 115mm)

Fast lens (1.4 to 2.0)

Articulated lcd screen (similar to Panasonic G6, so that taking photo for myself became possible)

Wifi so that smartphone become remote control

Funny camera apps (similar to NEX 6)

Bjrn SWE
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Re: X30 Feature Request

The X20 is fantastic in many ways, but there is room for improvements:

Larger sensor! 1" (Sony X100) or µ43 size perhaps!? This implies a slightly larger lens I believe, while zoom range and max aperture is fine as it is. Body size can hopefully stay the same.

Bayer sensor (there is no magic about the X-trans, quite the opposite)

Improved viewfinder. 100% (still OVF)


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