Portability v Quality are we obsessed by size?

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Re: Portability v Quality are we obsessed by size?

So, the short answer to your question is I have a Canon 7D and a couple L lenses for photographing action, usually birds; a Canon 550D (T2i) as a walkaround semi-casual camera when I don't want the weight of the 7D and the L lenses; and a variety of Canon compacts for convenience and portability.  And a lousy smartphone camera (it's very old).  I use the compacts and smartphone by far the least.  The 550D with the kit lenses is very light, although not very small, and it takes fine photos if speed isn't essential.  The 7D is very heavy but still very fast and capable, like but not as good as the 5D3.  I'm tempted by the 6D for unsurpassed IQ, but will wait a little while.  I guess I go for capability and IQ over convenience, recognizing that in bright light and for non-moving subjects, you I can't tell the difference between output from a 5D3 and a good compact.


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Sweep-pano stutters.

Ed Rizk wrote:

I think Sony is the best option for smaller cameras. The sweep panorama and handheld twilight modes have no competition. I still sometimes use my old HX1 for the panoramas.

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Ed Rizk

I've had to Sony P&S cameras.  The first one did a good job with this feature, and the one that replaced it gets fooled almost every time.

Look at the peak toward the left.

The peak above the left edge of the lake has a distracting software artifact.

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