What Sigma should do next?

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Re: What Sigma should do next?

SigmaChrome wrote:

friedrich35 wrote:

A DPZoom with a square Sensor (25x25mm) and a control button to switch between square format and 2x3 and 3x4 format horizonal and vertical.

Very interesting idea. I like it.

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yes tiny square cam/sensor but mirrorless/exchangeable lenses. grip can then be added on rightside or in front. No bigger sensor or zoom if quality cannot maintained. f2.0 would only increase size/weight.

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Re: What Sigma should do next?

I think the current concepts of Sigma's possible products are about right. And if the cycle is about 18 months or so, clearly these recent products have been underway for some time.

The "new" management is probably doing something new, and it's not going to be out for a while yet.

What comes next has to be an "improvement" in the sensor, which could be either a bigger sensor or a better one, or both. Sigma has to do something to get a better fill factor on its pixels and a way to reduce /manage the noise inherent in its concept and structure. If we can reasonably propose that Sigma/Foveon needs about half as many photo-sites as a Bayer sensor for roughly equivalent performance, then Sigma needs about 20MP on a sensor to improve on the current best performance. That is surely a moving target. But on full frame it is possible.

One problem now is that even the current Foveon sensor makes most of the currently available lenses look bad. But Sigma cannot be alone with that issue. But how much resolution does anyone really need? Of course there is no limit to the desire for greater resolution, but at this point the lenses cannot quite keep up. That probably means something. Like much more expensive lenses...


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