100mm macro L vs non-L

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Re: 100mm macro L vs non-L

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do you have a TC working with 100L? And AF is maintained? Which one?

Yeah, the Kenko Teleplus PRO 300 DGX 1.4x works with it. I think mine has a blue dot (earlier versions had different colour dots and aren't quite as good, apparently).

I use it with a 60D. You know the TC is there 'cos the AF is a bit clumsier, but it works okay with steady hands and slow moving subjects all the way down to MFD.

Thanks WilbaW for that. I will be getting one.

Cool, let me know how you go.

I took mine out this morning with the 400/5.6 for the first time and I'm very happy with the results. I just need to use an outer focus point.

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Re: 100mm macro L vs non-L

If you plan to use the lens a great deal, the extra cost might be worth it for the IS. I have the non-L version, and it is a great lens. It is obviously sharper wide open than a Sigma 50 F2.8 macro lens, with less CA. I don't use the lens much, and if I want very fast AF for outside use, I'd use my 85F1.8.

You are the only one who can decide whether the extra cost is worth it. If the lens sits in the closet most of the time, and you never take it out, it is your call. If you are going to use it a lot, and need IS, then it may be worth it to you. I would guess, and this is only a guess, that it would be very hard to see any difference between the optical performance on a tripod (or with flash) at F5.6 or F8.

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Re: 100mm macro L vs non-L

Had both and for how good the IS is the L is well worth the extra bucks. If I  work at it I can get keepers at  non macro distance  at 1/15 sec.  If IS was available for every lens I would gladly pay the difference.

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Re: 100mm macro L vs non-L

I have had both.  I really love having the is.  I use it for close ups & portraits as well as macro & the stabilization is a feature I appreciate.  If all you are going to do is shoot macro on a tripod & don't need weather sealing, save yourself some money.  The  non L is very good also.  Bab

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