Rechargeable Energizer AA 2300mAh batteries might have being discontinued

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Rechargeable Energizer AA 2300mAh batteries might have being discontinued

I buy rechargeable Energizer AA batteries exclusively. Several days ago I decide to purchase another charger and 4 pack combo, I wanted to have a second 4 place charger and another 4 AA's too. To my surprise the  new charger and batteries were not what I wanted. The rechargeable batteries mAh label was for 1500 not 2300mAh. Well then I decided to buy just  a pack of 4, nope only 4 packs were 1400mAh and the 1500mAh combo. They did have 8 packs but decided to visit a different store.  Well at the other store they only had  4 packs of 2300mAh and same 1500mAh/charger combos. So i bought 4, then did a sweep of the other displays around the large store. Looks like the older charger model and 2300mAh combos are no longer available.

What intrigued me was that the price of 2300mAh and "new" yes the 1400mAh had a "new" label was less then a 1 dollar. BTW the 2300mAh are made in Japan, did not check the other 1400/1500mAh 4 packs since  I was not going to buy those. I have feeling the 2300mAh are going bye bye, or have and whats left is whats left. I grabed another 4 pack of the 2300mAh. If you need or see a need buy them now.

I only buy the Energizer 2300mAh because of a battery test I read that showed it was a close second  and the capacity was close to value stamped on battery.  I trust the report I read and I trust that the manufacturer builds a consistent  value product. I'm in the electronics field, higher mAh the greater the capacity.  Felt many out there would appreciate my post. I do not work for Energizer or any other firm. I live in central Florida, not sure this is just a local thing after the holidays, but something tells me this is just the new "decontent" (pay the same,get less) business model at work.

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Re: Rechargeable Energizer AA 2300mAh batteries might have being discontinued

I had to buy Sanyo Eneloop XX batteries from Amazon and B&H Photo when my local California seller (Frys Electronics) started only selling their own Lenmar brand of rechargeable batteries.

I recommend using a charger that lets you evaluate the condition of the batteries you own. I can recommend the Maha C9000 and I've read that La Crosse makes good chargers as well. I organize sets of AA batteries in plastic boxes and I record the most recent individual "Available Capacity" maH values that the "Refresh/Analyze" and "Break-In" functions reports.

clockwise LL to LR: original Sanyo 2000maH eneloop; Energizer 2500maH; Rayovac Hybrid 2000maH; Sanyo 2500maH Eneloop "XX"; Panasonic 1600maH; Sanyo 1600maH

If you're going to charge batteries and use them soon after then Energizers are very good. If you're going to store them for a few weeks then I recommend Eneloop "XX".

Sometimes older weak NiMh batteries can be "re-formed" (systematically discharged and re-charged) to get back some fraction of their original capacity. Advanced chargers like the Maha and La Crosse have functions that automate these steps.

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