Windows 7 64bit & upgrade from CS2 to CS5

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Windows 7 64bit & upgrade from CS2 to CS5

The title says it all...can't believe how many of us are having issues with Adobe without any support from them.

My situation is that I had to get a new OS hard drive and installed CS2 on it (Windows 7, 64-bit) using the C:\progra~2\adobe path that's been working for most people.

The C:\progra~2\adobe install path worked fine for me perfectly in the past with my old hard drive but now its forcing me to "activate" over the internet (been there, for hours) but I'm getting that "server is unavailable" message.  I won't bother calling as in the past they just told me they can't offer any support for CS2.

So now I basically have an installed version of CS2 that isn't "activated". Would I get any success in just buying the $200 CS5 upgrade? My concern is that because CS2 hasn't been activated, CS5 won't work either.

Sorry to sound so negative, but everyone I talk to at Adobe is completely clueless.

Thanks so much in advance!! This is really starting to set me back in jobs.

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Bob Collette Veteran Member • Posts: 3,842
Re: Windows 7 64bit & upgrade from CS2 to CS5

Unfortunately I can't tell you if you'll be able to upgrade to CS5 from an unactivated copy of CS2.  I think the answer is yes, but I can't say positively.

However, since you have Win7 x64, I assume that you would want to use a newer version of Photoshop than CS2.  CS4 is the first version that had a 64-bit version available, and which would allow you to utilize more than ~3GB of RAM in Photoshop.  Unless you only have 4GB of RAM, in which case a 64-bit version of PS wouldn't give you much advantage, I would suggest that you upgrade to at least CS4 to make much more efficient use of the RAM available in your computer.

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Re: Windows 7 64bit & upgrade from CS2 to CS5

Adobe only goes back several rev levels to qualify for an upgrade. When CS5 was selling you could have bought an upgrade from CS2. Now owners can only upgrade to CS6 with CS3 and CS4 through Dec. 31 after which time they will need to pay the full outrageous price for the software.

I have heard it said that there are online websites where one can buy and download older versions of software including the installation key. Most people are forced to upgrade Photoshop to get the current version of the ACR RAW file converter from Adobe. For many is not most photographers Adobe Lightroom is a better and much less expensive alternative to Photoshop.

CS4 will run on a 64-bit OS but it was not until CS5 that code was written to optimize the Photoshop application to make use of not only the larger memory address space but also the multi-core processors of the new CPU's from Intel and AMD.

Osvaldo Cristo
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You do not need activate, even install the older version...

You do not need activate, even install the older version to update.

Just install the new version CS5 as try-out mode and afterwards include your old (legacy) license as well the new one. I had no problems to make that for my new desktop when I installed CS5 upgrade version.


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