Fuji Rumors

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TThorne Senior Member • Posts: 3,026
Fuji Rumors

There is a rumor about an announcement coming in January, and already the rumor site has people posting XP2 and even XE2. I highly doubt it on the XP2, but the XE2 is just flat out ridiculous and funny. There are some ideas though that make sense, ranging from the mild, lens roadmap announcements, to the wild but still perhaps plausible, X200, maybe as an X-Trans, Maybe full frame to compete with the Sony...

I think the idea I would most like to see is a new flash with HSS/FP mode, and the power/swivel/tilt of the EF-42. After that I'd really like to see Fuji get on with releasing the 23mm and the 55-200, as well as the 27mm for all you pancake lovers.

I also hope the announcement to release gap isn't a mile wide.


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Photozopia Senior Member • Posts: 1,302
Re: Fuji Rumors

Thought the 14mm release date was the January (update upon info) announcement? Not so?

Joel Stern
Joel Stern Forum Pro • Posts: 10,909
Re: Fuji Rumors

Unlike many the XE1 will more than likely be my last APS-C digital camera...thank you very much

mr moonlight Senior Member • Posts: 1,789
Re: Fuji Rumors

XP2 or XE2? That's just craziness. Both cameras practically just came out. Now an X200, that's a possibility, although I wouldn't be surprised if they waited another year for that. It's not a new camera by any means, but it still hasn't hit the 2 year mark yet. I rather they wait another year and make it a better camera.

Mr Gadget Senior Member • Posts: 1,973
Re: Fuji Rumors

As the article mentioned, I think, it will probably be a bunch of point and shoots and perhaps a lens or two.

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mngsmt Regular Member • Posts: 303
Re: Fuji Rumors

TThorne wrote:

... the wild but still perhaps plausible, X200, maybe as an X-Trans, Maybe full frame to compete with the Sony...

Why not? There's a lot to improve/change for an X200. New sensor (probably X-Trans), Q-menu, better EVF, faster AF, get rid of the RAW button and other interface changes, an even brighter lens etc. ...

Al Valentino Senior Member • Posts: 4,773
Re: Fuji Rumors

A full frame XF-Pro1 body is not impossible. I asked about this at Photoplus show in October and Fuji reps said that 'there is some talk'. At anyrate, I'll cut my teeth with fuji with my brand new XE1.

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Photozopia Senior Member • Posts: 1,302
Re: Fuji Rumors

f11 mag http://www.f11magazine.com/site/current.html (page 16) says it's a new X100 with Xtrans sensor ...

Betting odds anyone .... ?

MuMinded Senior Member • Posts: 1,939
All I want for Xmas

...is a X200..

I'm doing my best not to click the "buy" button on a X100..     As soon as this announcement comes out I will either buy the X200 if it looks to be a winner, or a I will scoop up a X100 at what I hope is a lower cost...    Either way I win!


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RichMack Forum Member • Posts: 72
Re: All I want for Xmas

Agreed.  I had an X100 for a little while, but it felt like it was a bit rough around the edges despite the beautiful images.  Hoping an X200 is more polished--  it would complement my Nikon 1 V1 nicely.

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Pelex Regular Member • Posts: 130
Re: All I want for Xmas

I can imagine an X200 with a souped-up hybrid viewfinder...via the newer EVF featured in the X-E1.

Perhaps an even faster refresh rate would help motion lag?

Faster AF and better MF would certainly be welcome, as well as a Q menu button.

If it is the X-Trans sensor, I'm hoping for better support in 2013!

Computer Controlled
Computer Controlled Regular Member • Posts: 329
Re: Fuji Rumors

I just hope it's the 23mm f1.4 lens =o]

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Davidgilmour Senior Member • Posts: 1,417
Re: Fuji Rumors

Computer Controlled wrote:

I just hope it's the 23mm f1.4 lens =o]

It probably is. But it will be attached to a camera

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