UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

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Lee W Regular Member • Posts: 238
UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Hi All,

We have had a few cold, frosty mornings in the UK lately. I managed to get out with the LX7 today on the dog walk & capture a few shots.

Thanks for looking,


Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7
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Rossmanshff Regular Member • Posts: 163
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Lee, these are fantastic! Great compositions on all of them in this lovely area! My favorites are the B&W's. Thanks for sharing!



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Susan Taylor
Susan Taylor Regular Member • Posts: 238
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Thanks for sharing these photos! Your dog reminds me of the dog my sister-in-law had about ten years ago...big dog but very loving to family members. And your photos look a lot like middle Tennessee (Nashville area) the last few mornings....quite cold (25 degrees F this morning) and quite frosty. My car which is parked outside has a good coating of white frost on the windows. I visited London and the surrounding area several decades ago (more than I'd like to admit) and found many rural areas as far as terrain similar to my native Tennessee. Must be another reason why I like the British and their land :-).  Of course, I do have English blood in my genealogy so that's another good reason, right?

manthasfamily Veteran Member • Posts: 6,443
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Beautiful shots Lee.  I just saw some of those frosty pictures from a friend who lives in England.

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snap Veteran Member • Posts: 6,207
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

These are so beautiful, Lee! The way you capture light is absolutely enchanting!


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NIK11 Senior Member • Posts: 2,827
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Lee W wrote:

Hi All,

We have had a few cold, frosty mornings in the UK lately. I managed to get out with the LX7 today on the dog walk & capture a few shots.

Thanks for looking,


Delicious subtle tones/colours that I like. Am eyeing the LX7 for when price drops (in UK). Which shooting mode and PP did you use?


windmillgolfer Forum Pro • Posts: 15,448
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Lovely set Lee, reminds me a lot of our walks with Jack, a golden lab in our local Witch Wood..  Great light, colours; and not forgetting a friendly looking lab but aren't they all :). Stuart

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BYRON MCD 77-81 Regular Member • Posts: 268
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Hello Lee.

Very nice work !



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shuttervelocity Regular Member • Posts: 361
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Beautiful pictures!  I love the 3rd from the top the most.  And the one with the dog as well.

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neilm16 Regular Member • Posts: 399
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Hi Lee,

Fantastic quality it seems from the LX7. The images seem very sharp with excellent colour and tones.

Can I ask if you have PP these very much and if you have what is it that you tend to change or enhance?

I am seriously looking at the LX7 but as I am in the UK the prices are still a little high! Especially after seeing the US deal recently at $299.

I have seen a couple of sites like Panamoz and Procamerashop where they are offering the camera at £260 - £270 which is better but as I havent dealt with either of these companies before I am a little hesistant.

Also had a look at your main website and again some great images. What cameras do you have as sadly it doesnt say on your webpages?


leeland48 Veteran Member • Posts: 8,702
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Excellent colour and B&Ws Lee.

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OP Lee W Regular Member • Posts: 238
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Thanks for the comments everyone, most appreciated!

To answer a few questions - All were shot in raw & processed in LR. No major processing though, just shadow/hightlight adjustments & tweaked contrast & saturation. Probably less than 30 seconds per image.

I prefer to shoot raw, even on compacts as the image quality is always superior to the jpegs & I quite often print fairly large so need the best quality possible.

Thanks again,


harry cannoli
harry cannoli Veteran Member • Posts: 5,829
Absolutely beautiful..

As a new owner of an LX7, all I can say is that you inspire me. Your photography is absolutely gorgeous, you have raised the bar high for me. A good thing.

The dog portrait, did you use a defocus mode, or did you do the blur in post?

Very, very nice.

Kind regards,

ice nine photography
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ejcrouse Regular Member • Posts: 146
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Wow, these are beautiful, Lee! My favorites are the first and the third (and i love the one of your smiling dog). I especially like the combination of the clarity in the foreground and the soft mist ahead on the trail in the first one. And I like the vertical orientation of that shot better then the horizontal one at end...


Handulka Forum Member • Posts: 73
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Wonderful photos!  You captured the light and the relaxing atmosphere of  a dog walk.

Thank You for sharing!

NileLily Regular Member • Posts: 123
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Outstanding shots, Lee. Very well composed.

Thanks for sharing.

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ysal Veteran Member • Posts: 8,767
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Wow, beautiful images.  #1 and #3 are my absolute favorites, soooooo nice!!!

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jazzbass62 Senior Member • Posts: 1,728
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Lee:  Beautiful photos!  I particularly liked #1 and #8 for their composition and the muted misty & earthy colors... I also really liked the portrait of the dog.  Very nice.

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in_focus Forum Pro • Posts: 18,674
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

All said already, Lee.. agree with comments, fine work and good eye ..


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john10001 Contributing Member • Posts: 649
Re: UK Frosty Morning - LX7 Pics

Nice one! All very sharp and dynamic!

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Kind Regards,
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