Nikon F3 / Porta 160

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Ashley Pomeroy
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Nikon F3 / Porta 160

I decided to take my old Nikon F3 for a spin, and use up some of the Kodak Portra 160 I have lying around. So I popped off to Brompton Cemetery again with the lovely Sophie Rose Jones, and a warm coat.

Ms Jones had a vintage Biba dress from the 1960s, my F3 was made in 1986, judging by the serial number, the Portra 160 and Epson V500 that I scanned it with are new. Sophie herself was born in the 1990s. Brompton Cemetery itself has been around for donkey's years.

Lens-wise I used a Samyang 85mm f/1.4, because it's one of the few Nikon lenses I have. The light was fading and most of these were shot at 1/30th, 1/60th, but the F3 is stout, especially with the MD-4 motor drive which - as you can see - is cleverly designed so that the camera doesn't tip forwards when it has a heavy lens. Without the MD-4 it's surprisingly petite.

For full-on Nikon F3 effect I should have had a 105mm f/2.5 or the mid-80s 80-200mm f/4. Also, Sophie would be wearing leather trousers and she would have huge poofy hair. The F3's body was styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro and introduced Nikon's famous red stripe.

Portra 160 is very flattering and appears to have been designed for people standing in foliage. I exposed these at ISO 100, but Photoshop has since done its magic as well.

Les Berkley
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Re: Nikon F3 / Porta 160

I use the same camera film and lens (among others). Very nice processing on these, and I like the neo-Victorian dress and look.

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Re: Nikon F3 / Porta 160

WOW, that is an extraordinary series.....stunning. She is the center of composition, her expression fits the overall color scheme and her dress ... no words ..... i love the series...

Jut delete the second picture...

see more of my work on ( some NSFW )

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Re: Nikon F3 / Porta 160

Very cool shots! Makes me wanna dig up a camera and play with Portra 400

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