NOT OK: R3000 second print (ABW) - lot of regular linear scratches... :(

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So, here we are: after ten days of mixed results, thanks to all your support and advices, I have done some initial experience and I can say that I have solved the majority of my doubts.

The strikes were head strikes, the main problem was the curled paper, the printer is probably OK and I have decided to keep it.

That said I'm still trying to slowly find my best paper/printer combination, keeping in accont the reliability and quality of the printed image (including the surface finish and gloss differential in the Photo Black prints).

After that I will try to optimize the quality of my prints, and profiles evaluations and B&W linearizations will be my main target.

I still have a lot to learn/try but now I want to thank all the kind people in the forum who contributed to help me, all the opinions were really appreciated and I'm happy to know that there is a community here I can count on.



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Just found this "old" thread.

In 05/2011 I had a long eMail conversation with Hahnemühle about the Epson R3000 and Hahnemühle Pearl in A3+ (I had the same problems which had been desrcibed here).

The conclusion of Hahnemühle is, that it seems to be a problem with the paperfeed of the R3000. Hahnemühle could reproduce the problems with the R3000 and RAG-Pearl. Not with other printers (f. e. 3880), and not with other papers in the R3000.

Even if you still now that there is a problem, Hahnemühle (and even Epson Germany which I also contacted) knows about the problem. Hahnemühle can not change anything to this wonderful paper, and Epson will not change anything at the printer, they want to sell their plasticsheets (sorry!) their own Epson paper.

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