Monitor calibration in Windows 8

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Monitor calibration in Windows 8

Just learned that there's a utility for this included in Windows 8.

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Re: Monitor calibration in Windows 8

No better than the Lagom site....

The weak link here is that it relies on your eyes and the problem with your eyes is that they can easily be deceived by other perceptual distractions in the room in which you have your monitor.

A hardware calibrator is still best.


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Jim Cockfield Forum Pro • Posts: 16,333
You'll find the same thing in Win 7

You'll find the same kind of tool in Win 7.  Note that the Win 8 article you mentioned links to an article about how to use it that's showing it in Win 7.

But, as already mentioned by NewsyL, there are online tools available if all you want to do is "eyeball" your monitor settings.

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Doug R Senior Member • Posts: 1,471
Re: Monitor calibration in Windows 8

The squares maked a and b are the same color and you want to trust your eyes to calibrate your monitor? Your eyes are lousy devices for calibration. Use a puck if you want to do calibration for photography.

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louise250 New Member • Posts: 6
Re: Monitor calibration in Windows 8

I just got a windows 8 Samsung HD tablet/keyboard combo.  I have a Spyder 3 which I never used, and can't find the software.  Datacolor only has software for their Spyder 4s.  Is there any other software I could use or does it have to handshake with the same brand puck?

I also have an NEC desktop monitor and the puck that came with that - but again this was designed as a unit.

I used the Windows 8 calibration and used the Intel Graphics to adjust contrast since the tablet doesn't have a separate contrast adjustment.   It definitely made a difference - but I know there's more that can be done and I was hoping to use this to show photos, albeit at srgb

Spending a few hundred for another puck, software etc. seems overkill for a tablet and it already broke the bank...

Suggestions as to where or how I might get the software?


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