24-70 L or 5DMK3

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asterix07 New Member • Posts: 9
24-70 L or 5DMK3


I do mostly street and travel photography and am currently using a 60D with 35 L as my main lens, but recently I keep finding that this setup doesn't give me the wide angle i am looking for in most of my shots.

Looking for advice on whether I should go for a new lens such as 24-70 L or for a FF 5DMK3?


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BillsLIPhotos Contributing Member • Posts: 734
Re: 24-70 L or 5DMK3

If you are happy with the features/performance of your 60D I would go with a new lens. The EF-S 15-85 is a good all around lens giving you a 24mm equivalent at the wide end on a crop body. The 24-70 on the 60D still won't be that wide. Just me 2 cents. Good luck with your decision.

Kevin Jorgensen Contributing Member • Posts: 745
Re: 24-70 L or 5DMK3

If you can borrow one try the Samyang 14f2.8 as a walk around lens, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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bdjalins New Member • Posts: 7
Re: 24-70 L or 5DMK3

You have the 35L already. If its me, I'll go FF with 5DM3.

5dM3 with 35L, just perfect for street photography and not only you get new body you'll feel you have new lens as well. 35L on FF is different with 35L on crop.

My 2 cents

OP asterix07 New Member • Posts: 9
Re: 24-70 L or 5DMK3

that was actually another of my concerns that the 24 won't be wide enough or be as sharp as the 35 i absolutely love other than the crop factor.

think i'm leaning towards a new body.


Marcos Villaroman Veteran Member • Posts: 5,814

I went from 40D w/ 17-55/2.8 to 5D2 w/ 24-105 and now to 5D3 w/ 24-70 II.  I've also borrowed a 5D1 for about six months.

I would definitely go with the 5D3 for the improved AF.  As far as I'm concerned, the 5D3 is the first 5D camera that can focus.  I didn't know how poorly the 5D1 and 5D2 focused until I bought the 5D3.

Buying a 24-70 II doesn't mean I no longer need my old 24-105.  I still like the 24-105 for the IS and it is excellent stopped down at f/8.

Consider there were deals out there where you can buy just about buy the 5D3 with a 24-105 tossed in for free.

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oldfartwitha5d Senior Member • Posts: 1,486
5DMK3, no contest

I own both, and I could do fine without the 24-70 f2.8 mkII, but not at all without my 5Dmk3.

And you already have the 35L, so you are all set for some fantastic photographic opportunities



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