Opinion needed...

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jesseyinpink New Member • Posts: 18
Opinion needed...

I enjoy b&w photography. Any suggestions or thoughts filters? I think red ones can enhance them? Im not really sure though. Thanks!

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Tom Rogers Contributing Member • Posts: 959
Re: Opinion needed...

Different filters have different uses.  You cannot make a flat statement that red filters are good.  Go to the bookstore and get a "how to" book or surf the internet for info.

TClair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,546
Re: Opinion needed...

Tom is correct there are to many variables to make that blank statement.  A red filter will make blue darker and red lighter.  Every color will have a different and pronounced effect on a given scene some reading is in order.

Richard D Jacobs Senior Member • Posts: 1,986
Re: Opinion needed...

Silver Efex Pro is an excellent program for B&W enthusiants.


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snay1345 Regular Member • Posts: 341
Re: Opinion needed...

If you are using a digital camera using a red filter on the lens is not the same as using a red filter with actual black and white film.  Not even close.

Charles Pike
Charles Pike Senior Member • Posts: 1,525
Re: Opinion needed...

snay1345 is correct about the use of a red filter.  Back in the days when we shot film, I would often have a yellow filter on my lens as it gave some detail to the sky, and contrast to my subject.  I had a red filter, and if I was shooting a landscape with big fluffy clouds in the sky, the red filter would bring out the clouds, and turn the sky black.  Now I shoot digital, and start with a raw file and get the best color image I can and only then move to Silver Efex Pro.  On the right side of the screen you have 18 different film types that copy what you might get if you used that film.  There are also color filters that you can use to see what that would do for your image.  I really like the program and am looking at my site going almost all b&w.  But it was a good question, because I don't think lots of the people today have ever shot with film, and don't understand how those filters worked or why or when to use one.


this was taken in uptown Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention using the G3 with a 14mm lens.  P.P. was done using LR3, Color Efex Pro 4, then converted into b&w using Silver Efex Pro.  The Rep are coming to Charlotte in Jan and I hope to take some during their even as well.  There is even some talk of their Nation Convention being held here in 2016.

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