Is my battery pack for my sb800 working?

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Is my battery pack for my sb800 working?

I got a battery pack for my nikon SB800.  Put the 6 AA's in plus the 4 in the flash. Connected the two cords.  My question is, how do I know if it is working/contributing power to the flash?  It looks like there is a red light on the pack, but it doesn't come on.  Not sure if it is just the 4 batteries in the flash that is powering it.

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Re: Is my battery pack for my sb800 working?

Do a test. This is the only way you can determine if any external power pack is providing the faster recycling time to the flash tube.

First, without the external battery pack. Record the amount of time it takes the red ready light on the SB800 to come back on after you fire a M 1/1 (full power manual) shot).

Next, attach the external power pack again. Turn everything on again and shoot it again in M1/1 . Again record the amount of time it takes the red ready light to come back on. It should be noticeably faster than the 4 internal AA's.

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Re: Is my battery pack for my sb800 working?

One thing I've noticed with mine (though this is with the SB900 series I'd imagine it's the same) the batteries in camera are really there just to complete the circuit. So right now, in one of my flashes if I turn it on without the external pack, I immediately get a note that batteries are low and it's time to change. When I hook up the pack, it works like a champ.

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Paul P K
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Re: Is my battery pack for my sb800 working?

With the imitation SB 8A battery packs I have the red light on the pack serves as a control which lights up immediately after I've taken a shot

They also have an extra synch cord (apart from the three in one that goes in the front) that goes in the pc synch on the side of the SB800 for extra connectivity

They have cost me a fraction of the original SB8A's and work just as well (especially considering how often I use them)

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