Floodings at Stratford-upon-avon, UK - CC welcome

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Aborigene Regular Member • Posts: 185
Floodings at Stratford-upon-avon, UK - CC welcome

Hi all,

I have recently been to Stratford-upon-avon UK to take some shoots of the flooded and the experience has been fascinating. Firstly, the river took over part of the city and to take the photos I wanted, you had to step into the water (freezing) using long boots. All careful was possibly taken and I manage to survive! But after two ours walking there it was starting not be funny any more, specially because i wasn't feeling two finger on my feet!

But It was worth it and went and in the afternoon I headed to a very old windmill near by.

The session was organized by Russ Barnes, very famous landscape photographer in UK.

More photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/vhmoura

all taken with 16-35 or 70-200. some using Hitech pro 10 (I almost threw it in the water...) and manfrotto tripod.

Thanks all.

Deleted1929 Forum Pro • Posts: 13,050
Nice shots

I suppose a bad joke is overdue so ... at least it'll keep the kids of the streets.


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starman1969 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,161
Re: Floodings at Stratford-upon-avon, UK - CC welcome

Very good images. Not good for the area or anyone living there, tho.

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They are watching us......

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Re: Floodings at Stratford-upon-avon, UK - CC welcome nice

Vey nice quality photos and interesting story / topic.

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bluemoonman Regular Member • Posts: 489
Re: Floodings at Stratford-upon-avon, UK - CC welcome

I know Stratford & the floods have hit some people there very badly but I think you have recorded the event well & I particularly like the first & last photo,

All I would say is be careful when wading in floods as drain & gulley covers can get pushed off when the flood hits & if you step into one of those you can at the very least loose some expensive equipment.

Dohmnuill Contributing Member • Posts: 785
Re: Floodings at Stratford-upon-avon, UK - CC welcome

The first shot is an absolute stand out. Terrific.

(Not keen about the colourised object in no. 3, though. I thought that fad had been buried..)

Carlos Rivera Regular Member • Posts: 256
Re: Floodings at Stratford-upon-avon, UK - CC welcome

#1 and 5 are my favorite. Great composition!

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john Clinch Veteran Member • Posts: 3,369
Re: Floodings at Stratford-upon-avon, UK - CC welcome

+10 for the first shot
+5 for the set overall

-1 for selective colour

I really enjoyed these thanks for posting
Click on my Flickr stream to see some flood picks for a different UK Straford. A slightly different approach and non can match your first one

Mr Physics
Mr Physics Contributing Member • Posts: 716
I like the first and last as well...

...the first is visually interesting and the last tell the story best (and on it's own). Very good.

Best wishes to the good folks of Stratford-upon-Avon.


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red sled Regular Member • Posts: 490
Re: Floodings at Stratford-upon-avon, UK - CC welcome

Very nice images.  Some beauty from a bad situation.

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