Purchase sky backgrounds?

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ken henke Contributing Member • Posts: 777
Purchase sky backgrounds?

Anyone have any suggestions for a site that one can purchase high resolution, high quality sky backgrounds? Looking for a variety; surrise and normal, with good clouds. Obviously, if there is a free site, that would be great. However, from what I have researched so far, ya get what ya pay for.  If at all possible I want to avoid stock photo sites. After all, it is small business Saturday!


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Greg. Senior Member • Posts: 1,140
Re: Purchase sky backgrounds?

Hi Ken.

There are some here... http://www.imageafter.com/  rummage around.



Sam B
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Re: Purchase sky backgrounds?
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harrygilbert Senior Member • Posts: 2,799
Re: Purchase sky backgrounds?

Every time I go out, I take a few photographs of the sky. Now I have a collection of over 2,000 high-resolution images, categorized by orientation, focal length, and weather. Didn't cost a penny.

Some of the best shots were made when I went deep sea fishing. Total sky with no interference by trees, power lines, buildings, etc.

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drh681 Forum Pro • Posts: 20,742
Re: Purchase sky backgrounds?

Yeah, best free sky shoots are outside your door.

Keep you eyes open and a camera handy.

Soon enough, you'll have too many.

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