DP2M in Paris

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Wild_Places Forum Member • Posts: 83
DP2M in Paris

Two weeks ago I spent 4 days together with my family in Paris. Since this was not a photography trip I decided to just take my Sigma DP2M and a small tripod.

Here are some image from this trip. You can find some more on my blog at:


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Sigma DP2
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yukoner2 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,767
Re: DP2M in Paris

Beautiful captures. Your eye for composition and intrigue in your images is wonderful.

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villebon Senior Member • Posts: 2,193
Re: DP2M in Paris

Wild_Places wrote:

Two weeks ago I spent 4 days together with my family in Paris. Since this was not a photography trip I decided to just take my Sigma DP2M and a small tripod.

Nice pics. thanks for sharing. I like the pic of the Eiffel Tower the most.

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travelinbri_74 Senior Member • Posts: 2,598
Re: DP2M in Paris

Truly amazing photos, thanks for sharing

Brad Regular Member • Posts: 227
Re: DP2M in Paris

Very, very nice images and compositions....makes me want to pack and actually use my tripod next trip.  So much for the low light limitations of the sensor!

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TClair Veteran Member • Posts: 4,174
Re: DP2M in Paris

Excellent images, you made Sigma proud!

cas3 Contributing Member • Posts: 568
Re: DP2M in Paris


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marcodadofoto Senior Member • Posts: 2,663
Re: DP2M in Paris

Hallo Boris,

exquisite taste for making photos, no doubt. I had a look at Your website at wordpress and all I can say is: well done! stunning images of stunning places. Good work man.


SigmaChrome Veteran Member • Posts: 9,168
Re: DP2M in Paris

Beautiful captures!

My fave is number 3. It has a dark, almost medieval feeling to it.

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michaeli Regular Member • Posts: 212
Beautiful shots, thanks for sharing
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OP Wild_Places Forum Member • Posts: 83

Thanks guys for your comments!


enigmatico New Member • Posts: 6
Re: DP2M in Paris

These are truly stunning photographs. They are an inspiration to Foveon fans - congratulations and thanks for posting.

Mike Gerstner Veteran Member • Posts: 3,982

didn't those come out nice!  well done.

Best, Mike

OP Wild_Places Forum Member • Posts: 83
Tour Eiffel - Full Size

Mike Gerstner wrote:

didn't those come out nice! well done.

Best, Mike

That's possible Mike. Here is the full size image:

Peter A. Stavrakoglou Veteran Member • Posts: 7,827
Re: DP2M in Paris

Beautiful images.  I really like your composition, very well done.

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Paul Petersen
Paul Petersen Senior Member • Posts: 1,279
Re: DP2M in Paris

Great collection, quite stunning demo of the DP's travel abilities.


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Dabbler Senior Member • Posts: 2,011
Re: DP2M in Paris

Superb work with these lowlight images! I've been shunning low light with my DP2M but am now inspired to investigate that realm, will just have to resign myself to using a tripod.

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Roland D Regular Member • Posts: 189
Re: Tour Eiffel - Full Size

Yes, a very set, specially of the metro station and the church.

nice shot of Eiffel but always remember copyright of those lightened momuments


take care


OP Wild_Places Forum Member • Posts: 83
Re: Tour Eiffel - Full Size

Thanks for the info Roland. I've removed the image from my website, but will leave it on flickr for a few more days.


IAEAIX New Member • Posts: 22
Re: DP2M in Paris

Nice done! I like he third one the most.  I went to your wild-life web, the Germany shots are just amazing.

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