Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8

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geoffreyc Junior Member • Posts: 42
Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8

Anybody using the Datacolor Spyder 4 with Windows 8 had any compatability problems?

herebefore Veteran Member • Posts: 3,296
Re: Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8

I have no problem with my Spyder 3 and Windows 8, so I would expect the newer Spyder 4 to work with it as well.

There is really no great difference between the Windows 8 OS and the Windows 7 OS except for the way the desktop is treated.

Slightly faster boot up, slightly faster shut down.

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Ferguson Senior Member • Posts: 1,357
Re: Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8

I have the Spyder 3 sensor and the Spyder 4 elite software.  I just installed on Windows 8 and have had no luck -- it won't see the sensor.

I have Spectraview II for another monitor, and I tried it with the sensor, and it worked and calibrated fine, so the sensor is working with Windows 8, but the Spyder4Elite won't find it.

Ideas welcome to make it work.

Tareq Abdulla Regular Member • Posts: 259
Re: Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8

Thanks for reminding me to calibrate my laptop, i have 2 PC laptops but i am using the new one and ignoring the other, not sure if it will be fine with my Spyder3Elite version[ i don't have version 4 update], but all my Mac computers are not compatible with my Spyder3Elite anymore, they all running under Mountain Lion [10.8.x], so what i should do, buy Spyder4 or buy another calibration device such as X-Rite products?

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gonzalu Forum Pro • Posts: 10,392
Re: Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8

Just bought the Spyder4Elite. Windows 8 Enterprise x64, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA Quadro 4000, Dual Xeon 6 Core. Video Drivers are 311.50 (latest)

Software installs no problem. Tray utility is running.. .when I try to launch the app, it keeps telling me I have no monitors installed... WTH?

Support told me to install as ADMIN. I mean, are these peeople really that dumb? THere is NO WAY to install software on Windows 8 without being admin. Duh!

But I did it anyway. THey also suggested I had to use the USB port next to the Keyboard or Mouse ... hahahaha. I have a wireless Kbd/Mouse... what is up with them?

Then they ignore that I am running the latest 4.5.4 version and they want me to install 4.5.4. This is a $200+ piece of hardware/software!!

BTW, It seems to break the power button on the Apple 30" Cinema Display!

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Ed Wilts
Ed Wilts Junior Member • Posts: 25
Re: Datacolor 4 Spyder & Windows 8

I'm interesting in purchase a Syper4 unit but although one of the posts here says it's supported, looking at their download page, Windows 8 is still not mentioned.

)32-bit or 64-bit versions of: XP, Vista or Windows 7

It says that Windows 7 is a *minimum* requirement but certainly doesn't clarify that Win8 is a supported option and the download is 2.5 years old already so it can be expected that there's doubt in the potential user community.

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