Better lens and post capture processing

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Better lens and post capture processing

I also posted this in the Canon forum, I'm not 100% sure where is the correct place.

I have two general concerns/questions and I was hoping to get some feedback from you all

I own a Rebel XS (1000 I believe), standard 18-55 kit lens and the 55-250mm along with the Canon 340 flash, all purchased 3-4 years ago as a startup kit to get started with a new hobby I wasn't sure I would enjoy. Now, I'm hooked and I really want to begin to do a little more with my photography. I am working within a budget and just want to make sure I'm thinking correctly and I'm allocating my time, resources and money to the correct things.

I have money right now to put towards one thing. A new computer or a new body and or lens combo. I have all but decided a new computer is the most pressing concern due to my old Mac being super slow even with basic tasks (photo and non-photo). I believe I will be purchasing a new 27" iMac when they come out in December and am leaning towards Aperture as well.

All of that being said, first question. If I stay with the same photo equipment, what would be the best software and workflow to ensure I'm making the most out of the photos I am capturing? I have made basic edits in Photoshop elements in the past but is that my best option? Is purchasing Aperture the right thing to do? What should a proper edit, backup, enhance, etc. process look like?

Secondly, is it beneficial to upgrade the lens on the XS body? Will the XS be able to take advantage of what a higher end lens would have to offer? I'm trying to figure out how many more months (or years) I'm able to get out of my current body while staying as cost effective as I can right now.

Thank you very much for your insight. I'm looking forward to any feedback you can provide.

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Re: Better lens and post capture processing

I don't know about the Rebel XS. I don't even know about Macs! I'm only going to get the ball rolling with some general points. You're going to get a big imac, but write about cost-effectiveness. If you were really worried about that, you'd get a PC. People will find it difficult to advise you unless you make your photographic interests more specific so they can 'solve' your problem.

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What do you hope to achieve ?

You don't actually say that you ​need​ anything.

So the question is what does your existing camera, lenses and computer systems not do that you want to do ?

Until you know that you can't sensibly identify anything to buy.

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