a99: The All Souls Procession

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Steve West OP Veteran Member • Posts: 5,560

Nordstjernen wrote:

Great, Steve! They all have this smooth, yet sharp, great color and a nice 3D look! I am suprised how easy the A99 files are to process, daylight or artificial light.

The last one -- almost like a FF fisheye photo!

Thanks!  I could not believe how easy it was to process these pics in LR!  I know what I would have been in for the A77 at this ISO, and it would have been a lot of work, and I would not have been happy.  These just needed a little curves adjustment here and there.  A couple needed light LR reduction, and for the first time, I could sharpen without ruining the image noise.

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Robsphoto Senior Member • Posts: 1,215
Sony A99 looks to be a really good investment!

Hi Steve

Thanks very much for your detailed reply and research link, they are very thorough and useful. From my work with the Sony A900, I am quite impressed with its low light performance, and I can see that the A99 probably produces even better quality low light shots than the A900, so I would have no hesitation in upgrading to the A99, based on what I have seen on this forum so far.

I also like several of the newer features of the A55, such as sweep panorama. I would be interested to see, sometime, how A99 owners find this panorama function, and whether it produces, perhaps, better panorama results than you can get from the A55 or A77.

I have been very tempted to buy the A77 because I enjoy bird photography, for example, and the reach of the A77 is excellent, as demonstrated here:


I think it might be an idea to have both the A77 and the A99 in the car, and to use the A77 when you want the best reach possible for wildlife photography. The A99 would then be a good choice for the high ISO work and general landscape photography.

Thanks for your comments about flash photography, these are very helpful.




Examples of amazing quality of A900 images, several highly cropped

Steve West OP Veteran Member • Posts: 5,560
Re: a99: The All Souls Procession

Thanks for that explanation.  All I could do is put the eyedropper on something white and then increment the tint a bit if needed.

Phaelix wrote:

As far as your white balance woes go, Sodium Discharge bulbs are pretty impossible to properly balance for, because they have an extremely low colour rendering index. Although you can white balance for a sodium bulb's effective colour temperature (~3800K), lots of things will still look wrong because the light doesn't contain most colours, so it can't show them adequately on your subject.

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Steve West OP Veteran Member • Posts: 5,560
Thanks to all for the nice comments and information. (nt)
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