A99 and sensor evolution

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Re: A99 and sensor evolution

GuyMcKie wrote:

Resized a 6400 ISO raw conversion to 6mp. LR4.2 only and exported tot jpeg with lightroom.

The iq is as good as 200 ISO on my old Minolta 7D.

No, it isn't. Unfortunately we don't have the imaging resource test scene shot with the 7D but I'm sure it would look better than the mushy ISO 6400 sample that has a very distinct NR look to it (and what's with the blocked shadows in your jpeg sample).

At ISO 200 not only should the 7D show better details, it would also exhibit a better dynamic range.

While we should acknowledge the progress made in imaging sensors, hyperbole doesn't help.

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Re: A99 and sensor evolution

The a99 sensor is actually a tour-de-force in sensor technology (compact wells, on chip noise reduction, on chip focus detection, read out speed and reduced read out noise, improvedlow light sensitivity and increased spees to name a few very ingenious advances) - and this new sensor generation is also touching EMCCD and sCMOS technology. So from an egeneering point of view this sensor is a small wonder.

But to those having no idea about sonsors and sensor technology this is naturally the usual crap from Sony - but keep on dreaming...

I am awake, and I am very impressed by achievements leading to this new sensor generation!

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