Quick OVF User Survey

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Pdam New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Quick OVF User Survey


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Re: Quick OVF User Survey


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jlynton New Member • Posts: 7
Re: Quick OVF User Survey

Mostly A, but when I am shooting for my wife's food blog, C for close-ups.

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ulrikem Regular Member • Posts: 221

No text.

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richmot Regular Member • Posts: 212
Re: Quick OVF User Survey


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baobob Forum Pro • Posts: 12,910
Re: Quick OVF User Survey

Option D

Not enough precise for goos framing and composition especially 35mm on X Pro1 only 80% of field

Does not give like EVF a precise idea (not WYSIWIG) of final result

Use  OVF in bright loght and street photography tracking target entering the frame

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Clayton1985 Veteran Member • Posts: 8,230
Re: Quick OVF User Survey

B.  And the next highest percentage would be the rear LCD with the EVF used when in macro mode.

jay Goldman Regular Member • Posts: 268
Re: Quick OVF User Survey

I choose A)

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MuMinded Senior Member • Posts: 1,939
Re: Quick OVF User Survey

C) I use OVF for about half of my shooting. (Insert BRIEF reason, if there is one, about why you're not using it more.)

It's hard to feel confident about where the camera is actually focusing when using the OVF.

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danstern Regular Member • Posts: 251
Re: Quick OVF User Survey

 A:(X100). NO OVF-NO X100 FOR ME.

zinedi Forum Member • Posts: 89
Re: Quick OVF User Survey

A. EVF is dreadful - is good only for macro, but I don't do macro.

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Kuivaamo Senior Member • Posts: 2,248
Re: Quick OVF User Survey


To me the reasons for this camera's (X100) existence are the OVF and the manual controls.

OP Charlesn Regular Member • Posts: 467
Re: Tally So Far: The A's Have It

It's a runaway... out of 51 total votes so far:

A - 26 - Use OVF almost all the time

B - 10 - Use OVF significantly more than half the time

C - 04 - Use OVF about half the time

D - 02 - Use OVF significantly less than half the time

E - 07 - Almost never use OVF

So more than half the respondents here use OVF almost all the time, and over 70% use it significantly more than half the time at minimum (A + B)

I'm surprised by these results (although it would appear the user base here wouldn't be) because my own experience with OVF has been so different. It's one of the main reasons I bought my X100... and I still love the idea of the OVF... but I was put off early on by having to guess at what was really framed and focused in my shots. As a photographer who crops my shots carefully as I'm shooting, and not later on my computer, knowing exactly how I'm framed is essential, and I just couldn't get the accuracy I wanted from the OVF. Perhaps if I had stuck with it, I would have gotten better at compensating for its inaccuracies. But looking at the overwhelming number of people here who use it regularly and love it, I think I'll give it another shot. (no pun intended)

bladerunner912 New Member • Posts: 23
Re: Quick OVF User Survey


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57even Forum Pro • Posts: 13,285
D - Much less than half the time

I like being able to confirm focus, composition and exposure before shooting. Simple as that. I switch to OVF when there is a lot going on around me but normally resort to zone focus.

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Natich Forum Member • Posts: 62
Re: Quick OVF User Survey - B

B -  Like being able to see outside the frame and optical quality of image vs EF

viking79 Forum Pro • Posts: 14,152
C: EVF for dimmer or up close, OVF to save battery

I would say that indoors the OVF is dim and doesn't help with parallax issues, where the EVF is bright and provides accurate framing.  So testing around in the house I was using strictly EVF.


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Felts Contributing Member • Posts: 585
Re: D for me...

D is my answer as I prefer the accurate framing of the EVF generally...


I definately want the OVF for when I am doing candid shots of a few people, so it is still XP1 over XE1 for me.

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Photocolo Forum Member • Posts: 64
Re: Quick OVF User Survey

A) I use OVF almost exclusively

Mr Gadget Senior Member • Posts: 1,973
Re: Quick OVF User Survey


A) I use OVF almost exclusively.

One of the reasons I bought the camera. No issues.

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