X10 Shutter lag

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X10 Shutter lag

Frustrated at not capturing my granddaughter’s ballet jette (jump!) I investigated the X10’s shutter lag (in conjunction with my reflexes!)

My test was rather crude and utilised a stopwatch display on my computer screen. (the stopwatch displayed seconds and thousandths of a second). The watch was started and on the display of 5, 10, 15, 20 etc. seconds, the shutter was fired. The frames were subsequently examined and the count of milliseconds on each of the sequence of shots was recorded. The longest and shortest groups of times were ignored and a mean of the rest of the times was calculated. The test was made with Manual Focus and Auto Focus settings. The Auto Focus was further broken down to exposures made with full shutter release and a pre-focused release i.e. the shutter was half pressed to obtain focus and then fired on cue. As a control I repeated the test using a Leica M8. 15 frames were taken in each mode. The shutter speed used was 1/60th of a second

The tests were repeated three times with interesting results.

  • The X10 MF and the Leica lag results were similar (the X10 marginally faster than the Leica).
  • The X10 AF pre-focussed lag was about 33% longer than the MF result.
    (This surprised me as I had thought that these results would be the same as the MF results.)
  • The X10 AF lag was about 120% longer than the MF result.

These results are only indications and take into account my reflexes, the screen refresh rate and the ergonomics of the cameras. Using the AEL/AFL button to manually focus offers significant advantages in capturing ‘the moment’ and in conjunction with zone focussing might well become my preferred mode of operation. A most pleasing result was comparison with the Leica M8

Fujifilm X10
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