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Re: Sigma Software

Brady Davis wrote:

Reading this post I thought it only fair to offer a point of view from a every day Mac user - I use SPP (I have a SD15) and it has never, to my knowledge, crashed on my iMac. It works very well with no performance issues that cause me any problems. I genuinely do not understand where the quoted reviewer is coming from. I take images from SPP into Lightroom 4 for file/storage and further tinkering. Regards Brady

It's crashed once for me, so no big deal. If its crashing 80% of the time for anyone then it's their computer with the problem, not SPP.

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Re: Wrong

Basalite wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

Basalite wrote:

I see the OP disappeared rather quickly. I don't think he was wishing to discuss Sigma's software at all.

You are incorrect.

I am very interested in the DP2m and am reading a lot about it.   EVERY last review mentions how utterly horrible the software is for this camera.  Every. Single. Review.  I've never seen any piece of software ripped so mercilessly.  It makes Windows ME look like the paragon of stability.

I cannot add to the discussion here because I dont own it.  I posted my question and am reading responses.

What do you mean you "cannot add to the discussion here because I dont own it?" You created it.

Have you actually used the software?

No I have not.  I have only read the reviews of the DP2m and the software that comes with it.   I was amazed at how poor the reviews are for the Sigma software and could not understand how they could release it in such a poor state.  That is why I posted here.

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Re: Wrong

Seeing how many forum members jumped in to bash the DPR’s new look, I wonder whether that is not dissimilar to the criticism of SPP by reviewers who perhaps had used the SPP for a few days, if not hours, only.

Obviously numerous Merrill camera users hold rather different opinions, and they have used the software many months more, even if their experience with the older versions doesn’t count. So it’s a matter of who you choose to believe, or simply a matter of whether you really want a DP Merrill. If you’ve come here with an open mind to seek assurance before making the move, you should’ve found the answer by now.

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