Are You Crazy Mr. Hyde?

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Are You Crazy Mr. Hyde?

My "new broken" sensor is arrived today everything is right.

So I would like to try to unglue the glass with solvent epoxy BUT!

A voice tell me to try this imager on my board.

No Mr. Hyde I don't want to do it, is dangerous we can't know what can happen.


Are you crazy Mr. Hyde?


So this is the result.


Ok Mr. Hyde go back please lets put back my imager on my board!

This is the result.


F**#*ng  b#+#++d have you seen what have we done?

We must do something please.


So I tried to mount my sensor on the "new broken" board and this is......


No Mr Hyde isn't good this, I want my camera back.

I repeated for some ours like a Mantra I'm stupid I'm stupid...

After dinner I tried again my imager on the new board and this .........

Has Mantra worked out maybe?

I  do not see not even any pixel defects but is sure my imager on the new board!

You can see the broken imager in.

So I started to deal with solvent epoxy, and I killed Mr. Hyde (at the moment), he wants to try the other board now.

is not so easy, at the moment I removed only the superficial glue so the imager lay down in the solvent now.

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Re: Are You Crazy Mr. Hyde?

Now look here Dr Jekyll - wot iz yew a doin ov?  Trying to act like a stuck-up toff!

I think such graphical outrages should be sensor - ed!  

Still think you have incredibubble patience and resolve.

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Re: Are You Crazy Mr. Hyde?

You are a great storyteller - I really enjoyed it ...

Now you can put your working sensor back to your own board and it should be working again

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