Canon SX50 - constant 'whirring' noise?

Started Oct 7, 2012 | Discussions
mingleby Regular Member • Posts: 171
Canon SX50 - constant 'whirring' noise?

Hi Guys,

I just noticed, when in very quiet surroundings, that my Canon SX50 seems to be making a constant whirring sound (a bit like a faint laptop cooling fan, or electric motor).

It only does it when in photo/movie-taking mode - when switched to playback mode, all is quiet.

Can other SX50 owners confirm that there's is/isn't making the same noise?



HagaWaga Junior Member • Posts: 29
Re: Canon SX50 - constant 'whirring' noise?

Did you check your focusing mode? Is it on 'focus at picture talking' or 'continuous focus'?

NHobbs New Member • Posts: 9
Re: Canon SX50 - constant 'whirring' noise?

Likely what you are hearing is the Image Stabilization module on the lens.

Sunflower6 Regular Member • Posts: 359
It's the continuous focus.

The SX40 does the same thing.

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