What is the meaning of life (to a Sony Alpha photographer)?

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Re: What is the meaning of life (to a Sony Alpha photographer)?

Another lens (preferably by Zeiss) that is going to solve all my problems and cost a small mortgage...

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Re: What is the meaning of life (to a Sony Alpha photographer)?

Been trying to post in this and other forums past couple of days but none have shown. Using Firefox and ipad seems to be a problem.

pNow using Safari and ipad and another post I tried worked ok so I,ll try again here.

My original post was.... Try SIRI.

It sounded a lot funnier yesterday.

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Don't forget to smell the roses.

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Re: What is the meaning of life (to a Sony Alpha photographer)?

dennismullen wrote:

What is the meaning of life (to a Sony Alpha photographer)?

Testing the question feature to see if it works.



I really like your question and answers other people gave here. What is your own opinion now, week after this topic was started?

Also, what is purpose of your photography? What do you gain from taking photos?  What photos that you do will survive 10, 20, 50 years, and how?

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Person is taking photos, not camera. When photograph is bad, it's because photographer doesn't know how to choose settings optimal to "own preferences". Then blames camera for bad IQ.
This is same as blaming car about arriving to wrong destination.

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Re: What is the meaning of life (to a Sony Alpha photographer)?

EvilOne wrote:

dennis mullen wrote:

Bill, I liked your first installment but not so sure about the second.

When a camera has a glaring problem that can be fixed and the company isn't doing anything about it someone needs to say something and I'm happy to do it. God bless Sony.


There is nothing wrong with a discussion on short comings... IM all for that... IM not one to bury my head in the sand if there is an issue... what I was saying is that if you are not " Happy" with Sony's Flash systems, then  go to Metz,, Don't trash the camera..... So many people say that Sony went to EVF and that is a deal breaker... People who don't even own the camera, wont give it a chance, and are ready to bitch without seeing if it can be better...

Well for every one of you, there are two of me, a person coming from an EVF (owned a33 for near 2 years now and shot with a57/a77). I am now shooting on a very attractive pentaprism via my K30 and I rarely over or underexpose. If by chance, I deem a scene worthy of electronic eyeballs, I can still simply fire up the LV machine. This is most likely when I am not relying on auto metering, such as when using M mode. Then again, I won't likely be pressed for time in this situation, which means LV is perfectly suitable.

The real issue for many I think, is that with a true SLR, you still have the option of electronic or optical, but with a SLT or mirrorless, you are forced into electronic only. There are advantages of an EVF of course, like sensor based tracking even through a VF ect. This for me and many others does not outweigh the freedom of choosing your poison.

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To see is to believe...PENTAX

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Re: What is the meaning of life (to a Sony Alpha photographer)?

Hm, easy questions eh?

Meaning of life is individual and it depends to what you believe.

My opinion is to:

1) be good

2) do good (not because you expect something for that, but just cause its right thing to do)

3) always learn, never stop

4) do stuff you like, perhaps take photos

If everyone tried same, world would be probably much nicer place to live in..

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