D400/D7100 questionnaire

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Kerry Pierce
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Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire

I guess that C3 would best describe my position except that I don't use DX only for long lenses or backup. I will use it whenever it makes sense to do so, to get the shot that I want, so even though I have and use FX cameras, they aren't always the primary for short lens work.

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Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire


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But I could probably make do with B-2 until the first Friday Night rainstorm.


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jfriend00 Forum Pro • Posts: 11,454
Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire

B3 or C3.

My main need is for large field daytime sports and wildlife where I need reach and speed. If Nikon does a great D400 for action sports, I could see also getting a D600 or D800 at some point for wide angle, landscape and low light (but not action). But, I won't buy the D600/D800 until I'm sure Nikon is doing the D400 because I might not stay with Nikon if they abandon the top of the DX line for shooting long reach action.

I want the D400 for reach/action, not because of price or size.
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Randy Stephens Regular Member • Posts: 103
Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire


JimPearce Veteran Member • Posts: 9,188
I'm in a similar position...

If Nikon releases a D400, I'll likely buy an 800 f5.6 to supplement my 500 f4 and 300 f2.8 VR. In which case, I see the possibility of buying a D800 as a backup.

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stevehughes Regular Member • Posts: 499
Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire


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Hugh Robateau
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Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire


Gazeomon Contributing Member • Posts: 552
Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire

B3. I would not touch a D7000 style body ever again.

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nikony c
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Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire


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Franglais91 Contributing Member • Posts: 733
Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire


I have a FX body (D800) which I shoot on FX and in DX modes. I actually use DX lenses more often than I was expecting. All my serious stuff is done on the FX body.

My backup/travel/risky camera is my old DX body (D300). I would prefer to stick with this sort of body but I would accept a D7000 class body (but not the D3xxx or D5xxx bodies)

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ebsilon Contributing Member • Posts: 628
Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire

Tomas_X wrote:

Please, photographers who are waiting for the new DX high-end camera, select one letter and one number of the possibilities:

A. I am DX user, I would like switch to FX, FX is better in most/all characteristics of course, but I do not have / do not want to spend enough money and I am waiting for cheaper FX or I slowly reserve money and now I use DX.

B. I am DX user and I want to stay DX user only for a long time, because DX platform is better for me, I do not need FX characteristics for most of the time and DX is lighter, smaller, cheaper and I have lenses for DX and I am satisfied with them, of course, Nikon should make some new DX lenses, for instance DX 24/1.8 or other lenses.

C. I am DX and FX user, I use DX for use with teleobjectives or as the backup body or as the travel body and I am waiting for new high-end DX body, I want to hold both platforms in the future.

1. I am waiting for the new high-end DX camera, I prefere the image quality and D7100 will be the right DX high-end. It can have D7000 body, it must have the best sensor and it can have higher framerate, but it is not absolute requirement, it can have AF modul from D7000/D600

2. I am waiting for the new high-end DX camera, I will be satisfied with D7000 body in the new D7100 camera, but D7100 must have the best DX sensor, the high framerate, big buffer and autofocus from D4/D800/D300s cameras

3. I am waiting for D400 only - it must have D300s body, D4/D800/D300s autofocus, high framerate, big buffer and today's best image quality. (Of course, the name is not importaint, but characteristics must be "D400".)

4. I am satisfied with my D300/D300s or D7000 now, I do not plan to upgrade in the near future, but I want to know the Nikon DX direction, because I am affraid of my investments in the lenses.

B-3 for me.

B&C for me -- am definitively waiting for the 24mm f/2 DX.

That being said - since I value portability for my kind of use, going the m43 route certainly seems tempting. So hoping Nikon gives us some DX goodies during 2013 to resist that temptation!

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rdhphoto1 Regular Member • Posts: 296

For me!

wcowan Contributing Member • Posts: 509

Need a DX partner for the D700
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OP Tomas_X Regular Member • Posts: 154
Actual status

Actual status:

A - 1x (DX, would wish to switch to FX)
B - 17x (DX only)
C - 9x (DX & FX)

1 - 1x (D7100)
2 - 5x (D7100 body, D400 force)
3 - 19x (D400)
4 - 1x (D300)

Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery
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Yes, but ... Re: Actual status

... because this is the Nikon DX forum Sir ... IMO, that percentage would be different in forums like the Nikkor lenses (FX, DX, CX) 13 FX & 13 DX? ... who knows? ... ♥ all size recent sensors, all of them.

Tomas_X wrote:

B - 17x (DX only)
C - 9x (DX & FX)

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TITCHY Senior Member • Posts: 1,166
Re: Yes, but ... Re: Actual status

the questions are posted in this forum (correctly ) as they are aimed at DX users who, for whatever reason ,may be thinking of changing their gear ,as FX is becoming more available ,the questions are all aimed at DX owners ,with the exception of (I own DX and FX etc.) and in that case I am sure owners of both formats will get to see ,and vote on the question .

FX only fans will amost certainly be disinterested , and apart from trying to coax us all to the "dark side) that is FX , would add little useful input to the set of questions .
from my point of view , D 3

Though I find it a little manipulative to wieght the questions wit hearsay and preferences .
for example :

"3. I am waiting for D400 only - it must have D300s body, D4/D800/D300s autofocus, high framerate, big buffer and today's best image quality. (Of course, the name is not importaint, but characteristics must be "D400".) "

Its very unlikely ,in fact pretty certain ,the body will differ from the D300 , and I would think be D800 like in appearance ,just a tad smaller .
the question should be more specific .

eg: "I want a DX d400 only, provided the improvements keep pace with current FX models"

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colinadams Regular Member • Posts: 243
Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire

B3 for me.

Leon11 Junior Member • Posts: 28
Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire

B3 for me.

J Craig H Regular Member • Posts: 170
Re: D400/D7100 questionnaire

I'm actually stuck between B and C, and between 2 and 3.

B/C: I'd like to be able to use both but I can't afford to, so I'd like to stick with DX for at least its next iteration and then consider adding an FX in about 3 years.

2/3: I'd rather the next high end DX camera be closer to the D300 body than the D7000 body. Close to the D300 body but 10-15% smaller and 20% lighter would be ideal, but with the D300 controls. BUT, I have rented and used a D7000, and if the high end DX did turn out to be a D7000 based body I'd probably still buy one. If a D300-D7000 amalgamation I'd hope that the new body would be a bit more rubberized and sealed than the D7000 with a definite nod to the D300 controls.

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