Z990 - Train Car and a Steam Engine.

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Z990 - Train Car and a Steam Engine.

This little gem of a small museum is hidden in Lomita, CA. It was closed when I went there but did manage some shots. These are shot into the Sun but the Z990 did show good DR and maintained a lot of shadow details. Hope you guys like them.

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Re: Z990 - Train Car and a Steam Engine.

Nice photos, subject and location. The lighting posed a bit more challenge than the camera could handle, but it comes very close. It's a glass half full situation, IMO. I remember coping with the same situation on a similar loco with light-colored smokebox on medium speed color negative film with forgiving latitude. The smokebox was still noticeably overexposed. Sometimes, the best you can do is all you can do.

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Re: Z990 - Train Car and a Steam Engine.

Thanks for posting those most interesting photos, Nick. I'm very interested in railways and steam power in particular. I see that two engines (aka locomotives) from that museum were used in the movies The Greatest Show On Earth and Von Ryan's Express, both of which I've seen and enjoyed.

Hello SW Anderson-- Mister Anderson--may I call you 'Neo'? Lol :-). I find that controlling highlights is very difficult and like you say, it it was not easy shooting colour negative but digital seems a totally different ball game and my DX7590, being much older than the Z990 is surely worse in that respect. It's just as well that most of the time the lighting here is a lot less harsh than it is in California. That is when the sun is out--a rare event in my part of the UK in at least the last four years!

Friends, do you do any post processing? I have been experimenting with two free programs--FastStone and Neat Image and where highlights are not totally blown, it's surprising what detail may be recovered.


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Re: Z990 - Train Car and a Steam Engine.

Always expose for the light areas; the dark areas contain information that can be brought out with PP but once a light area is over-exposed, that information is irretrievable.
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