Groundbreaking Denim FF

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Groundbreaking Denim FF

El Matadurr
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Re: Groundbreaking Denim FF
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Re: Groundbreaking Denim FF

El Matadurr wrote:

Now that's classy.

Did you happen to notice the price though 15,000 Euro
plus 1,000 for the optional wooden handle.

tesilab Senior Member • Posts: 2,751
Re: Groundbreaking Denim FF

Now, I'd buy that over the Lunar any day.

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Steven-T Veteran Member • Posts: 3,385
Re: Groundbreaking Denim FF

Can you add a little moon to the front, and up the price by at least $6,500? Red Dot? Red Dot means nothing now. A moon from the sky is the new neck jewelery for celebs!

GuyMcKie wrote:

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boardsy Senior Member • Posts: 2,215
Can I have that in stone-washed & pre-distressed?

I'll pay an extra $k for it.

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