User up-datable lens firmware?

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User up-datable lens firmware?

This is an interesting piece of news. I haven't been around for a while as I have been extremely busy so I hope this is not a second post on this.

"The new Sigma Optimization Pro software and USB Dock are designed exclusively for the new lenses within the new product lines. They will enable Sigma users to connect their lenses to their computers to update lens firmware and fine-tune focus parameters via easy-to-use, on-screen controls."
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Re: User up-datable lens firmware?

This is actually very cool. I could always wish the older lenses I have would be capable of this, but regardless, it is a great step forward.

Hopefully they could allow something similar for their cameras. Imagine Custom Firmware for an SD series or DP series camera, where you could eliminate menu options you may never use so that you could access features you use more regularly more quickly. Or even have a additional button on the camera that is custom and the user could set it in the firmware however they wish. I am not meaning adjusting the actual firmware updates, but the ability to adjust aspects of the usability layer (like shutter button shouldn't be able to be changed, but I never use the trash/delete button, I could make use out of that being something else) within the firmware for when it comes to the interaction of the user with the camera.

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Don Strimbu
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Love it !

May be just marketing, but the C, A, S monikers (and the attendant engineering approaches) make greater sense than DC & DG.

Want USB-update function now!
(Oh yeah, I gotta buy a bunch of new lenses. Oh, snap...)

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