Spyder 3 Pro Error Message

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Spyder 3 Pro Error Message

I originally borrowed my friend's Spyder 3 Pro calibration tool and downloaded it and calibrated my monitors, no problems at all.

Once I saw the difference I realized I really did need a calibration tool so I could recalibrate every two weeks and kept an eye out for a second hand one. I bought last week, and it downloaded fine. It came with the serial number and license code as well.

I removed the previous Spyder 3 Pro software from my computer and installed the new software. It loaded fine, and I was able to get through the beginning part of the process. However, when I came to the calibration part, I got an error message that said:

Sorry you are not licensed to use this Spyder3 sensor. If you purchased more than one copy of Spyder3 Pro, then you will need to run the Software Activation utility from the menu and activate all copies of Spyder3 Pro.

I must be completely missing something because I cannot find for the life of me where to enter in the activation code or the menu which is mentioned. Can anyone help me? I am going crazy trying to figure it out.

Bruce Miller Senior Member • Posts: 2,438
Re: Spyder 3 Pro Error Message

I have version 4.0.2 of the software. The Software Activation is in the Help menu.

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Re: Spyder 3 Pro Error Message

recalibrating every 2 weeks is heavy overkill.

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