RX1 is timy!

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Re: RX1 is timy!

Skarstrom wrote:


It's a Somy. That's why it is timy.

Seriously, if this is real, I think I have finally found a digital replacement for my CONTAX T3.

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Re: RX1 is timy!
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Re: RX1 is timy!

3dreal wrote:


i dont see a manual-focussing-ring. Absolute no-go.

I'm guessing that the grooved front ring is a manual focus ring. And if this camera is real, it's about the same size as the Oly OM-D with the Sigma 30mm lens on it, and perhaps smaller than with the Sigma 19mm. Things could get very interesting in the next few years if this raises the bar.

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Re: ...I.... just.... I mean...

Ben O Connor wrote:

I just cant answer these questions.

  • Why should i worry about the "size - pocketability " If i enjoy using my full frame (its anyway small but not light !)


Why can not we have both pocketability and full frame. Remember film when every 35mm camera was "FF" Cameras like Contax T2 can be considered as the "film inequivalent" of the RX1 and it was small.

Ben O Connor
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Re: ...I.... just.... I mean... (it´s a brave step ..)

... not just about this particular modal, but the all new coming models, Sony changed its hot shue type.

Now its something, a very brave step forward. Untill now, they were using the benefical points of Minolta background. But since they have introdueced the A..7 products (A77, A65, A57....) and the NEX-7 they started to trusted more by consumers. It make them to make bigger braver steps to forward. Hot shue is a big sign on my defination.

And about size of FF cam. maybe you guys right, "why not smaller.." i just would not be worry about the size so much, for paying this much and having some Nikon D 800┬┤ly images


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Re: ...I.... just.... I mean... (it´s a brave step ..)

RX100 vs RX1 Size Comparison:


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