Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

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Re: Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

Good point about the artifact. How can I test that? That is to try to reproduce it and then not do so with two different efforts. That is a question, by the way.

As for the reasons Solm does what they do - well, I believe it's called milking the market for all that they can. On their side of the fence, it is considered good business and it is hard to argue with that when you have a captive market. Wish it wasn't so but that is not living.

Thanks again for taking the time and I would appreciate your thoughts on my question above. Cheers.


photomeme wrote:

as to leica being a late adopter, the MM might fairly be called a break from that pattern. whether a path breaker, or just a wanderer off paths to a dead end, who knows?

yes, you have pegged me. angst ridden, for certain. but similarly dubious that the M10 will be the be-all-end-all, or available soon. can't fathom why the MM release if a CMOS imager based M10 style variant similarly monochrome could have been brought to (or near) market on the same timetable.

btw, i have believe that the pattern in the noise above is most likely a resizing algorithm artifact.

David28 wrote:

I can see the angst and dilemma of a prospective purchaser through your recent posts. Afraid to tell you, that there is no ways to get your answers without parting with hard earned cash.

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Re: Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

any chance of posting a full sized low compression jpg someplace?

i use a lot of custom software, and might not be the best person to ask for a solution for you. Lanczos algorithm rescaling although not the best should be easy to find for your platform and have little artifacting.

i'm not sure i've seen any precedent for leica releasing two close substitute products near in time, as the MM and a bayer higher pixel CMOS might be considered.

David28 wrote:

Good point about the artifact. How can I test that? That is to try to reproduce it and then not do so with two different efforts. That is a question, by the way.

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Re: Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

Dear David,

Really very interisting Post !!! I wanted to gongrat You for this new cam, and for the true test You have done for Us... It is very enjoyable !!!

For me The MM is a great choice for the isos capacity.... And to think that if You take only one cam with You, You have to compose and think totaly in B&W...
It is like if You go out and shoot with only a 50 mm...
For me, if I can Have the Money.... I will Buy one

Thanks a lot my Friend for this post .

Best Regards .. And enjoy your new gear !!!!


Jose Salcedo Senior Member • Posts: 1,298
In synch with you, David...

My experience with the MM pretty much mimics your observations. I am also learning to see differently, and taking advantage of the smooth tonalities. It is a beautiful instrument.
Best regards,
Jose Salcedo

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Hi David

Hello David from down under.

Hope you are doing great!

Thanks for your informative article about this nice little camera that is this monochrom. Some excellent images in your capable hands, even though the camera renders well too!

Love the mix of shadows and light in some of your images. The contrast goes well. Some great perspective too for the shot of the traffic light and building. And that image of the stairs with a man's shadows walking towards. Something in there very appealing.

All the best,


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Re: Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

Hi David,

I think I might be the only other person in Melbourne who has one of these profoundly mysterious cameras. I don't think I have ever been quite so confounded by an image creating device as this one. I agree with you that comparisons with film are limited but they are nevertheless unavoidable. This is a state of the art (or perhaps THE statement of art) camera and it reaches back in time to the earliest days of photography when photographers were trained in classical art; they could draw, with a pencil, with ink. This is what this camera does or perhaps it would be more accurate to say, the user is similarly drawn back to the idea of drawing. I do have a passion for black and white for much the same reasons that I love drawing over painting. It is the sublime form of expression. I have an M9 and I love it but this camera, I am somewhat in awe. I noted that the CEO of Leica, Alfred Schopf, said that if they had undertaken market research for this camera, we wouldn't have it. That is visionary.Today, I got a yellow filter and even that was a mystical experience. There it is, a camera with a yellow thing over the lens. This is a Dr Who of a camera. It belongs now but also, always. Hmm. Waxing lyrical. Not hard to do with an MM.

photomeme Regular Member • Posts: 225
Re: Monochrom pt.2 ... ISO 10000

Salochin wrote:

This is a Dr Who of a camera.


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