Remove scratches from NEX-5 screen ?

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valent New Member • Posts: 20
Remove scratches from NEX-5 screen ?

I found this video, and hoped that it would be what I was looking for, but it is not:

It is a nice suggestion if you have not scratched you screen, but what can I do with mine which is already scratched?

How to remove scratches from NEX-5 screen?

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gskolenda Senior Member • Posts: 1,118
Re: Remove scratches from NEX-5 screen ?

I'm sorry to say that short of having Sony replace the screen, I don't think that there is anything that you can do, if you run across anything that you find that works, please post it here.

I have scratches on mine, I'm getting ready to send it in to Sony. I don't know what the cost will be to replace it as there repair service said they would call and email me with the cost after they evaluate it. I've had probably 8 Digital cameras over the years and this is the first one that I have scratched. It has two scratches. The bad thing is one scratch is almost in the middle of the screen and it shows when composing, especially with lighter subjects or big sky's. I scratched it while changing lens's, was trying to do it too fast.


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edwardaneal Veteran Member • Posts: 9,101
Re: Remove scratches from NEX-5 screen ?

the nex screens have a top layer that is a soft plastic that can scratch very easily. if this layer does get scratched it can be peeled off and replaced with one of the glass lcd protectors that you can buy

here is a video on how to do it

as far as I know this is the only way to fix scratches

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Keit ll Veteran Member • Posts: 4,313
Re: Remove scratches from NEX-5 screen ?

I would advise against trying to remove any part of the LCD screen. Try polishing the screen using a soft cloth & a creamy metal polish. This should remove all but deep scratches.

Be aware however that it will also remove any anti-reflective coating so when the process is complete fit a coated glass protector screen & it will be as good , if not better , as new.
Keith C

Megadark Regular Member • Posts: 232
Re: Remove scratches from NEX-5 screen ?

I don't advice metal polish or tooth paste. Tried them, and they create more scratches. Try car wax or car polish.

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Keit ll Veteran Member • Posts: 4,313
Re: Remove scratches from NEX-5 screen ?

Perhaps I should have been more specific , I used a liquid poish ' BRASSO' & it did the job just fine wihout any further scratches You must use a soft clean cloth.
Keith C

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