Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

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john farrar
john farrar Veteran Member • Posts: 5,038
Three of them: Olympus OM1, Olympus 2020Z and Fuji s9600 (9100)

If i had to pick just the one then it would be the little Olympus 2020z because of the newness and excitement of using a digital camera for the first time.

Why the Fuji s9600? I went through a phase of hating big DSLRs, kitbags and camera junk and went back to an all-in-one bridge camera for a while.

Why the OM1?  It made 35mm shooting enjoyable again.

Voyrie Regular Member • Posts: 111
Re: Olympus 35SP (1969) Full Frame :)

I wish I could buy a camera like this in digital format for the same price I bought mine for, at that time. Around $250 if I remember it right.  Maybe around $1000 today?

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Ionian Senior Member • Posts: 1,271
Re: Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

Without a doubt my Maxxum 7.  I bought it around the beginning of 2000 or so and still shoot continuously with it because there's just something about it.  It's amazing.  It's probably the main reason I still shoot film more than digital and probably the main reason I haven't jumped ship yet because I'd have to sell my Minolta lenses to afford to, so I stay with Sony so I can still have lenses for my Maxxum!

It's just a perfect piece of machinery.  A fantastic balance between technology and photography.



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Hughesnet Senior Member • Posts: 1,026
Sony RX1

Love my Sony RX1. Best of all worlds if you can work with 35mm.

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cgarrard Forum Pro • Posts: 15,394
I can't pick one, but you can

It's a toss up between the A100, Konica Minolta 7D, and Leica Digilux 2- so you pick for me.


a100ps Regular Member • Posts: 104
Sony F717

This is the camera where I started to learn about photography. I thought I was so cool when I started to take it off "P" mode and started using "S" or "A". For it's time, it had some great features. Focusing in complete darkness, fantastic lens, swivel body, twist zoom (by wire), and enough buttons that you didn't have to dig into the menu all the time. I still have it. Maybe I'll have to pull it out for old times sake.


GodSpeaks Forum Pro • Posts: 12,839
My Nikonos III

This was the ultimate rugged/waterproof camera back in the days of film.

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Sonyshine Veteran Member • Posts: 8,816
Re: Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

Fuji X100

I absolutely adored this camera. It was so tactile and gorgeous to look at. Image quality was top notch too.

It was also the most annoying and frustrating camera I have ever owned.

So I sold it.....but I still want one again...

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RandyPD Regular Member • Posts: 255
Re: Minolta SRT 101

Same here. I'm not THAT old but during my college years I was into journalism and the only camera we had in the school paper was the SRT101 and a few lenses. It can take a beating and still keep on working but it was heavy as hell. My mom later got me a 7000i when it first came out but I really had the most fun with the 700si (with grip). Took that camera everywhere. The rubber in its grip started to come off but it was still fully functional and problem-free when I sold to upgrade to a 7. I really didn't have that much time to enjoy the 7, shortly after I got it, digital started taking off.

ozgoldman Contributing Member • Posts: 618
Re: Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

My Minolta SRT 101, is my favourite by a long long way.   Had great fun with that camera, which by the way, I bought in 1971, and it's still working perfectly.

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A Subset Senior Member • Posts: 2,419
Re: Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

ozgoldman wrote:

My Minolta SRT 101, is my favourite by a long long way. Had great fun with that camera, which by the way, I bought in 1971, and it's still working perfectly.

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As I said earlier, the first new camera I bought myself was the Minolta SR-7.  I was in high school and shooting at least a roll of film (which I bulk loaded myself) per day, souping it every night.  As a result I got really good at intuitively judging the correct exposure.  When I upgraded to the SRT-101 the metering system was so good that I came to rely on it and so lost my intuitive sense of speed and shutter settings.  As a result, I was mad at the SRT-101 for making me less independent of my equipment.

My next camera was a Nikon F ... withOUT the built in metering.  I bought a Luna-Pro meter and once again became more intimately connected with the light I was working with.  I only sold the Luna-Pro a few years ago, and now I realize I shouldn't have.

- A.

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CaryS Regular Member • Posts: 141
Re: Camera you had the most fun with of all time?

I have to say My Sony A55. Its light, easy to use, shoots video, articulating screen, it didn’t fail me at 20,000 ft and minus 20 or when it was hotter. It’s like the energizer bunny it keeps on going.

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emkii Junior Member • Posts: 25
Mamiya 6

6x6 medium format in a light(ish) rangefinder body.  The system only has 3 lenses, but they're all absolutely fantastic: super sharp and quiet leaf shutters.

I still enjoy processing my own B&W film, and I love the look of Portra (which, for now at least, is still being made), but most importantly, something about this system feels great while shooting.

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jacksond Junior Member • Posts: 28
Too Many to Count

Having been in the retail/industrial camera business, I have sold quite a few of the cameras mentioned in the thread. My most successful camera over the years was my Leica M4 for bushwalking. That was a long time ago. Now I enjoy the A77, Leica M6 and M3. I use my D-Lux 5 most of all lately because of its portability. I've loved seeing the development of photography over the years. The first photo magazine I ever bought was a Popular Photography, February 1963.

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Undah Veteran Member • Posts: 5,320
Revised to A57

Didn't want to pick this because it'ts still relatively new. But truth be told, it is the most fun I've had with a camera. While I enjoyed the output of the a700 before it, I didn't take it out as often as I do the A57. Chalk it up to ergonomics, size, or maybe it's the beautiful implementation of live view, flip screen, focus peaking, HD video, remote capability, hand-held twighlight, handheld HDR, digital level, I could go on and on.. these all add up to a camera that inspires you to go out and experiment and have fun.

And after DSLR, it's hard to be satisfied with lesser image quality.

Undah wrote:

It's what really got me into photography. I learned photography with this thing, reading books, experimenting, taking it everywhere, taking thousands of shots. Still have prints from it at 8x10" hanging on my wall (even a stitched 11x14") that get attention. Image quality was well beyond what the 2mp would suggest. Maybe nostalgia influenced my choice, but this is what comes to mind for sure.

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