Challenge voting technical issues fixed

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Scott Everett
Scott Everett dpreview Admin • Posts: 1,104
Challenge voting technical issues fixed

Hi all,

We addressed some technical issues this AM and voting should be up and running again. We apologize for the slow response, we did not catch the issue last week when it seems it started. Please post here if you see any issues persisting.


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chrisby Regular Member • Posts: 259
Re: Challenge voting technical issues fixed

Thank you very much for your efforts!

You repeatedly stated that you read this forum regulary. Six days left in the dark was quite a long time.

May be it would be a good idea to give us next time a sign that you are working on the problem. Some problems need time to be fixed, we all know this. Main frustration arises when there is no reaction. Thank you again

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Jan2009 Regular Member • Posts: 461
Re: Challenge voting technical issues fixed

Thanks Scott,

I have verified that voting is OK again and all my votes are retained.


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santamonica812 Contributing Member • Posts: 890
Re: Challenge voting technical issues fixed

I echo the thoughts of Chris. If you (or another DP worker) read about an issue, then please take 13 seconds out of your workday to hit 'Reply' and type in, "Thanks for the heads-up. We are now working on that issue."

Simple, right?

If DP does read the fora regularly but does not see the value in making those sorts of posts, it leaves us with the impression that [a] DP is lying to us and does not check in on these fora regularly, or [b] You guys do check, but just don't see the value in letting us know (via a simple, timely, post) that you have been alerted to an issue.

Both of those can leave a bad taste in one's mouth. And it's a mistake that is so easily corrected/avoided. I was happy to give you this easy "fix".

You're welcome.

ER_ Wizard
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Being disconnected.

Hi Scott. Taking advantage of your message from 7 days ago. I have been unable to connect to any forum for just over 2 weeks. I sent numerous messages to DPR when receiving the 'Error" message, still waiting for a reply.

In short, I found neither I or my wife (separate account) could connect to any forums when logged in. I contacted my ISP who informed me the jump from them to DPR was using an IP address that was black listed by DPR & there was nothing they could do.

Today I found I am able to connect, so can again participate in the forums I frequent, & setting up another challenge. My question is, what do I do should this happen again, how do i get someone from DPR to reply & assist me. I apologize for dropping you this question, but yours is the only name I see regularly.

In an attempt to get connected I opened another account (Ernest Rex), Please close the new account as I never want anyone to think I would use this account for voting, something I frown upon.

Kind regards.

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