RX100: For Pocket,Belt or else?

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ParietalPenguin Senior Member • Posts: 2,932
Wow, you guys must . . .

all be guys! I, for one, will not be carrying the RX100 in my pants or shirt pocket (actually, I don't have any shirt pockets!) Fortunately, I have a purse!


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Re: Wow, you guys must . . .
OP radissimo Regular Member • Posts: 141
Re: Wow, you guys must . . .

SO FAR the count is:

slingbag x1
sunglass case x1
purse x1
belt holster x1
pocket x13

actually count me for pocket as well... x14

I think the wee RX100 changed the way how we taking the pictures in a line with a saying: The best camera is the one always with you...

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cdp8 Forum Member • Posts: 99
Re: Wow, you guys must . . .

Originally, I was intendeding to pocket, and still will on occasion, but the prevalance of dust bunnies getting inside (I returned an RX100 already plus the other DPR threads) leads me to believe that the body and lens are not well sealed. So I will keep it out of my linty pockets and in a case that clips to my belt for the most part.

mark moe Senior Member • Posts: 1,446
Re: RX100: For Pocket,Belt or else?

dwissing wrote:

I got it because it is the best camera you can get that fits into your pocket. If pocket didn't matter, I'd use my DSLR. The RX100 is the camera that is always with me, because it goes in my pocket.

exactly the same here> > > I don't use a case just a screen protector made of film.

mark moe Senior Member • Posts: 1,446
Re: Carry $650 in a pocket?

If $650 would break your bank then maybe it shouldn't be in your pocket. Me: My smartphone costs about the same andi its in my pocket too.

BTW: I boought thru Sony style and got a free 2ys accidental insurance policy--given after my purchase thanks t a tip from a poster here.


Cy Cheze wrote:

That's a lot of cash to carry around. Cash or cards might get stolen, but will at least survive a fall or endure pocket lint. Paper money and credit cards usually survive immersion too. A camera, on the other hand, is at risk for all of the above.

"S" happens.

World class athletes fall, stumble, or goof up. Why not camera fans? Their precious RX100 has no crash helmet, seat belt, weather sealing, rubber grip, dust protection, or air bag. Its hand strap just might hook onto a key chain in the pocket and, when quick-drawn Dodge City style, slip out of control.

Well, in 12 months or less, the laws of Newton or Murphy will take their toll. Of course, by that time, there will be oodles of people anxious to pay another $650 to upgrade to the RX200, so what will they care about last year's obsession? It's only money. Spend, spend, spend.

PGR streetshooter Contributing Member • Posts: 974
Re: RX100: For Pocket,Belt or else?

Actually, I keep mine on a wrist strap all the time. When it's time for an ice cream cone, then it goes in the pocket. I just wish it had a lens cap like the GRD4. That way there is no chance of it starting up in my pocket.
Cheers, Don

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The Skipper Contributing Member • Posts: 872
Re: RX100: For Pocket,Belt or else?

95% of the time, it is in my shirt pocket. You have to be careful when picking up something from the ground - you need to bend your knees instead of at your waist. I lost an iPhone that way, so I am now very cautious and I don't expect it to ever happen again.

When I am hiking, it is in a waist pouch (Santiago 20).

Just the other day when I was hiking, I saw somebody in a motorized contraption with a parachute on top flying by overhead. I had no idea something like that existed, or that they would allow it to fly so close to the ground. Unfortunately by the time I got the RX100 out of the pouch, he had flown by and the sun was now in my eyes, so I didn't bother.

I am going to replace that waist pouch (zippers) with something that has a magnetic flap, which should allow faster extraction.

Ann Chaikin
Ann Chaikin Veteran Member • Posts: 7,087
Me too.

And I might end up with it in a vest pocket while traveling. For now it is in a case in my purse. It is doing quite well there too.
Ann Chaikin
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RonAnnArbor Senior Member • Posts: 1,296

I've carried mine in a cargo pants pocket for 5 weeks with zero problems and don't expect to carry it in any type of case or anywhere else...

650 or not 650, it's still a compact camera and actually more heavy duty than most.

In fact, one of the reasons I stopped using the Pany LX5 in favor of the Canon S100 was that it could NOT be carried easily in a pocket.

If I am going to bring a case, I might as well use my dSLR....

Pocket, and happy with it.

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