Was wondering about selling photographs?

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Was wondering about selling photographs?

There are those of you here who are professional photographers and some not so much. I would like some honest opinions while you to look at my galleries, to tell me what you think. Do you think some of this work could sell? I also have the originals of each photograph in an unedited state so to sell without postprocessing.

I was an artist in paints and sketches long before I started photography. So for me, this avenue is a given that I would try to excel in photography. I would like opinions on my composition and choice of subject. Give me some honest input about my processing and if you feel that I'm on the right track with my work. Not so interested in portrait obviously.. For those of you who are wondering, I do have a day job It would be nice to generate some revenue so that I could purchase my next camera body a camera slush fund if you will...


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Re: Was wondering about selling photographs?

For those of you who are wondering, I do have a day job It would be nice to generate some revenue so that I could purchase my next camera body a camera slush fund if you will...

Typically it's easier to make more money by doing overtime or similar. You could put that in your slush fund.

Literally everyone who has a camera thinks they can sell their images and make money.

Do you think some of this work could sell?

Selling requires more than a product, it requires a way to sell.

Think of it this way. What would lead someone to purchase your images instead of the millions of other images out there ?

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Just do me a favor

Don't "Study" photography. You'll only learn how to be like everyone else. What sets your work apart is the whole completely obvious notion that you are self-taught. But once you "Learn" photography, you'll just be another clone in a world of them.

You don't have to be a master to sell pictures. You just need to learn how to market yourself. To that end, Smugmug is pretty nice for that, and you'll want to keep your eyes and ears open for the next big thing because that place is fairly saturated by now.

You can bring your prints to a flea market on a Saturday and learn the art of selling there.

You can keep an eye out for new businesses opening, and try to sell them wall art of local scenes.

Best of luck; it's a tough sell when everyone and their brother takes pictures.

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Re: Was wondering about selling photographs?

Selling any kind of art isn't easy, and probably photography is the most difficult. If you are thinking of selling as a traditional art form (framed work to hang on walls) I'd say forget it. Photographs as such don't really sell, even if your exhibition is very successful; on the good side you'll get lots of publicity, interviews, and people will love to be around you, invite you to parties and cocktails. But as for selling, well people don't buy very many photographs.

Of course you will be able to generate income indirectly if you get to meet the right bunch of people; books, magazines, portraits...

Really, as an artist photography is much more difficult than painting, and as a former painter you must know how difficult it is to make any kind of half decent money with art. There are always exceptions of course, but these are rare.

On the other hand there is the professional "pro" approach, where you can end up shooting weddings, kids portraits and passport photos. Not an easy world.

Then of course there those lucky ones that end up doing what they like and making sometimes quite a bit of money with their photographs.

But don't let me discourage you. If you don't try, you will never know.

Best of luck!

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Re: Was wondering about selling photographs?

As what others have stated, selling your work requires more than just pretty picture. You need to know your target audience. Who are you going to sell them to? "Anyone who wants to buy it" isn't the answer.

You said you don't want to shoot portraits and everything you have is landscape. Personally I think landscape is one of the hardest type of photos to sell especially random landscape area.

If you want an honest opinion on your work, I think that most of it is just snap shots. If I took those shots, I would be happy with some of them and print them for my own personal use. But I highly doubt any magazine editor(if that is your target audience) will buy it. Also some of your post processing is a little too extreme and looks very unreal.

Again if you are real serious about it, I would take a marketing and business class.

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Re: Was wondering about selling photographs?

Think Agency. Think original idea. All you do is upload your masterpieces and wait for the buyers. I'm with Alamy, which pays big if you're lucky, and a handful of so-called micro agencies, which payer smaller but more often. Fotolia, Bigstock, Dreamstime, Shutterstock, to name just a few.

If they accept your pictures that is.

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Re: Was wondering about selling photographs?

1.You definitely show an eye for composition. Try applying it to some less obvious subject matter. The market is oversaturated with landscapes of lakes. You will never stand out if you shoot what others have already shot in the same way they already shot it, and you will have a hard time selling anything if you do not stand out.

2. Ditch HDR. It shows that you are grasping for something to set your photos apart. Underneath the HDR gimmickry, your photos are not much different than the next guy's. HDR is a crutch and a fad.

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