What would you take?

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What would you take?


I heading to Hawaii and plan to take a helicopter ride to visit one of the active volcano's . If you were to take one lens with your D800 on that ride what would it be . The lens I am taking on the trip are

Nikon 24 -70 ,16- 35 and the 70 -200 with tele converter TC 1.7. I don,t know what to expect in this environment so just want to take one lens. My first thought was the 24 -70 but with no VR and in a heli to boot
could be a problem

Nikon D800
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rapnjar Junior Member • Posts: 30
Re: What would you take?

For the helo ride...been there/done that/screwed it all up. I have the D800 and all the lenses you mentioned...if it were me, I'd take the 24-70 and MOST IMPORTANTLY...take a circular polarizer. I didn't anticipate the reflection bouncing back from the lexan windows and have now have a lot of Hawaiian images with me burned in the image...not a pretty sight. Just orient the CP to just kill the reflection but wouldn't turn it all the way up...it could do funky thinks with the colors.

No VR on the 24-70 could be an issue so recommend increasing the ISO to maintain a high shutter speed to help stop the action but I like the wider zoom capability. Definitely take the 70-200 for the rest of the island tour...lots of distant objects that you'll want to snap up.

Its a great place...I recently moved from Oahu after being stationed there for 2 years...wife is still angry that I made her leave. That's military life for you.

Have a great time.

Jeff Spann

OP marty Regular Member • Posts: 222
Re: What would you take?

Thanks for the info on the circular polarize I would have never thought of it. Think it's open cockpit but one never knows .The 24 70 was first on my list and will keep eye on iso shutter. Thank God you can crank it up and still get those great pictures

Roy Kikuta Senior Member • Posts: 1,677
Re: What would you take?

Coastline where lava flows into the ocean:

Crop of lava tube skylight - with a D800 you'll have plenty of resolution to crop. That orange glow is lava flowing underground:

Pu'u O'o

Shooting thru the cabin of the Hughes D500. Unfortunately, the crater was socked in with volcanic smoke:

A "doors-off" flight will provide much better shooting conditions - but they are harder to schedule. If you can't do a doors-off, then shoot with the 24-70 jammed against the window to minimize reflections. Having done this both ways - I'd take the 24-70 (you can't change lenses mid-flight on a doors-off tour). I'd crank up the ISO (I shot at 1600 with a D3 on an overcast day) and shoot at higher shutter speeds.

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Re: What would you take?

Hate to be the fly in the ointment here, but I'd go for the 70-200 VRII or rent something longer with VR and have it sent to your hotel.

Because the 24-70 doesn't have VR, yes you'll have to compensate with ISO or aperture to get a shutter speed to freeze the action. Why compromise the shot, when you already have the lens which won't force you to do so to as great a degree?

One exception--I've used the 70-200 VRII with the TC-17E II with great results, but on a tripod. Hand-held, you may need to push the ISO up to compensate for the loss of minimum aperture.

Have fun,

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Re: What would you take?

Just saw this post and thought I would pass it on...



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