Dissasembling / repairing XZ-1

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quelebu New Member • Posts: 12
Re: Instructions for disassembling / repairing XZ-1 (e.g. battery cover / door or OLED)

Have you missed the ones under the hot shoe? Read the whole thread.

toktiz New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Instructions for disassembling / repairing XZ-1 (e.g. battery cover / door or OLED)

does anyone have pictures disassembling camera xz-1

hanskloppstock New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Instructions for disassembling / repairing XZ-1 (e.g. battery cover / door or OLED)

toktiz wrote:

does anyone have pictures disassembling camera xz-1

Here is another disassambling procedure...


Just register with the dslr-forum to see the pics.

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Re: Instructions for disassembling / repairing XZ-1 (e.g. battery cover / door or OLED)

A beer to Zeekoe and Simon Cowell!

My battery door had been broken for a couple years, and it`s just freshly replaced thanks mostly to this thread. After the initial incident (dropped the camera while trying to put it back in my handlebar bag, then ran it over with the rear wheel of a bicycle) I launched a brief and unsuccessful search for the part, got a price quote from Olympus for repair that I was not willing to pay (seems to me it would have been US$170 at that time), then settled for a small aluminum plate screwed into the tripod socket to hold the door in place. By the way, that plate did keep it together, though you can imagine how inconvenient it is when it comes to accessing the battery or memory card. But when I stumbled into this post, I decided to give another go at repairing it.

The Luton Cameras link that Zeekoe provided still works. I was able to order the part from them for a total of 11.5GBP inculding shipping to western US. That`s like 10% of what Olympus wanted to charge me for the repair. I received the part about ten days after placing my order and the actual surgery took me about 45 minutes. I can see that this thread has had a number of revivals, so here`s my take to add what little I can in case anybody else runs into it. As I said, the pics and description in this thread were my principle aids, but I also found a bit of help in a YouTube video on the matter:


One unmentioned issue I ran into was a little piece of black plastic about 2cm long that fell out before I noted it, so I didn`t know where it was from. I had to search quite a bit before finally figuring out where it was supposed to go. You can see the guy in the YouTube segment puzzling over the same piece shortly before 9:00, but the result does not show up in his video. Originally I thought it was from the right side, but it turns out that it goes in the bottom, right next to the naughty door. You can see one end of it on the assembled camera- it just looks like part of a snap-latch or something on the "screen side" of the battery door.

Pushing the pin through the door and spring was not as easy for me as the OP made it sound, but was not TOO awfully bad. One other un-noted hitch is that there`s a small flat spring covering the open end of the pin hole. It looks like an electrical contact to the pin, then the little steel bit on the inside of the door, but I have no idea why it would need one there. Static gound? Anyway, I just held that flat spring out of the way with the tip of a knife blade to start the pin, which really was easy. Fighting the spiral torsion spring was what gave me fits. Well it`s all over now, and I believe it went together perfectly. At least everything felt right on each step of the reassembly, no extra screws or bits, and never had to force anything that didn`t want to go. So a huge thanks to Zeek and Simon- I would never have figured it out without the great tips in this thread.

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