EVF Makes the NEX-5n

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Re: EVF Makes the NEX-5n

The tilting EVF on the Minolta A2 had a ribbon connector which was prone to cracking if used too often , does the NEX EVF have similar problems or is it too early to say ?
Keith Ca

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Re: EVF Makes the NEX-5n

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Re: EVF Makes the NEX-5n

I had not yet the pleasure of playing with the NEX7 but am the proud owner of a Nex 5N complete with EVF and the AF A mount adapter.  The central placing of the external EVF is more natural to me since I am more used to SLRs compared to range finders.  The evf and the flash being mutually exclusive (since they install on the same hotshoe) bothered me at first but it actually makes sense that if it is dark enough to need flash glare on the live view screen is not a problem.  The Nex5 can be regarded as a customizable modular system where the Nex6 and Nex7 more of a one piece integrated solution.  It wouldn't be so bad if Sony can release a 24MP variant of the Nex5.

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Re: EVF Makes the NEX-5n

I have had my Nex5 with EVF for the last half year and so far so good that there is no breakage.  Personally I never remove the EVF after plugging it in. The constant switching of modules must for sure provide some wear to the socket if not the joint.  Sure the design of the EVF seems delicate, then again, so is the rest of the camera.  I really wonder if people are using their cameras for hammers sometimes.

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Re: EVF Makes the NEX-5n

I have the VF  for the 5N , and never use it . It's huge !

The low height of the Nex bodies is a major advantage for me, which I loose with that VF . And it really gets in the way all the time .

Also annyoing is that you can only tilt it for landscape format, they might as well have made it smaller by loosing that useless joint .

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Re: EVF Makes the NEX-5n

I had the same experience, I bought the 5N almost on a whim & coming from years on film & DSLR's found using the screen a royal pain in the fundament - couldn't see it most of the time (too bright, need reading glasses etc etc) so eventually bought the viewfinder.

Transformed it (for me) from a snapshot toy into a proper camera, at last able to use that wonderful sensor properly. I also like Justin, find it great to be able just to take the VF off and use the 16mm for candid (read "press & hope") shooting, great fun.

Bad news is that I handled the NEX6 the other day, shouldn't have done that.........

Good luck


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Re: EVF Makes the NEX-5n

Hi Franzel

I have the Nex-5, original from three years ago. Should the EVF go with my model, I would be interested to purchase it from you if it can be used with a manual lens; I use a Zeiss Planar 50mm and focusing is a bit of a problem.


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