Hawaii - Big Island - what is the best subject?

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sam_1 Junior Member • Posts: 38
Hawaii - Big Island - what is the best subject?

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What would be the ONE thing you would photograph on the Big Island?

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dmanthree Veteran Member • Posts: 7,102
Lava flows!

sam_1 wrote:

New 5DIII.
What would be the ONE thing you would photograph on the Big Island?

If you're lucky, you'll see some visible lava flows. Wait until dusk, or a little after, and shoot the flows. They can be found, maybe, in Volcano National Park (of course...).

Don't get too close, though.

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ozgazza Regular Member • Posts: 176
Re: Lava flows!

I took this shot from a helicopter.

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Ricky B Regular Member • Posts: 154
Re: Hawaii - Big Island - what is the best subject?

I wouldn’t want to narrow the selection to one thing but I found the beauty of the big island to be predominantly in the northeast quadrant. Hilo on the lee side of the island is lush and green. As you head north expect to see dense foliage with orchids and waterfalls. On the north to north west you will go through Parker Ranch which is very contrasty to the rest of the setting. Kona is a large resort area built on a volcanic base. The Volcanic topic has already been covered.

jsmiller Contributing Member • Posts: 825
Re: Hawaii - Big Island - what is the best subject?

There is an unlimited of number of fine subjects to photograph on the Big Island, from the top of Mauna Kea which looks like a moonscape to lush tropical forests and beautiful beaches. One place that it very easy to find is the overlook at Waipio. If you get a clear day, it can be spactacular. Going down into the valley (4-wheel drive essential) can lead to many very beautiful sights. But this is just a start. I have over a 1000 pictures of places on the Big Island (and underwater aorund it), and the variety is amazing.


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proudfather Veteran Member • Posts: 4,710
My experience - [9 Imgs]

Not sure if the OP is still with us. But my fav on the whole island was probably Umauma Falls in Hilo. But the whole island has a lot to offer.


1. Umauma Falls near Hilo

2.Pololu Valley

3. Kona

4. Kona

5. Side of the road tree near Pololu Valley

6. Akaka Falls near Hilo

7. Kona

8. Pololu Valley

9. Rainbow Falls in Hilo

OP sam_1 Junior Member • Posts: 38
Re: Hawaii - Big Island - what is the best subject?

I've been to the Big Island before - about 12 years ago - while still an amateur now - I have larned ALOT - especially from this forum.

I most definely appreciate the responses - every one of them will be ahelp in one way or another. Thank you all! Sam

commiebiker Senior Member • Posts: 1,543
Re: Hawaii - Big Island - what is the best subject?

Take the hike in from Kalapana to the lava!!! Kalapana cultural tours......unbelievable!!

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tocar Veteran Member • Posts: 4,458
Re: Hawaii - Big Island - what is the best subject?

There are too many attractions to mention but Volcanoes National Park is a good start, at night you can take a glowing picture of the lava but you must have a telephoto lens. You can hike a mile or so from the south (Hilo side) where the lava flows out but make sure you bring water with you and wear shoes. Black Sand beach, Green Sand Beach, South Point, Mauna Kea summit are all good and there are lots of places to see there. For helicopter tours of the lava flow make sure that lava is indeed active but FAA regulations prevents the helicopters from coming close to it. The main thing is to enjoy your vacation and savor the moment.

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netgarden Forum Pro • Posts: 10,770
Re: My experience - [9 Imgs]

Great work there! Many memories from when daughter lived in Hilo. Hope to go back some day and hope to capture anything close to what you have!

There is no other photography like Wildlife

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miles green
miles green Veteran Member • Posts: 6,494

Wow, many amazing pictures and landscapes in this thread!
Keep 'em coming!

Sorry i can't be of much help as I've never been to Hawaii...

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rheumadoc New Member • Posts: 24
Re: Hawaii - Big Island - what is the best subject?

I really enjoyed taking the hike to the lava field. Time it so you are there at twilight to balance the lava against the sky. Kapoho Bay and the tidal pools are beautiful as well. But my favorite is the light show from Kilauea. Try the middle of the three observation areas from twilight on until you get tired of the stars and the glow!


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