How long is D800/E Service taking?

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William Neal New Member • Posts: 22
Re: You may need to adjust the viewfinder diopter ...

Yes, I did have to adjust the diopter, thanks. Then I started testing fine tuning on my 50mm f 1.4. I used f 2.8 and with a +11 adjustment I am coming pretty close to live view. I have three more lenses to test and will try to post some samples tomorrow.

REBlue Senior Member • Posts: 2,079
Re: How long is D800/E Service taking?--Parts Hold

I just love that one, where they are going to follow up and email a response to you. I got that same line of bull on Monday, Aug. 13th, she would find out from service how much longer the "parts hold" on my 70-200 VR II would be, and email me in 4-6 hours. Today's the 15th, and I'm still waiting. They've had the darn thing since June 21st. It's been listed as in shop, then there's been interminable fighting over warranty coverage and the infamous Nikon "impact damage." The last time they were going to email me a follow up "later today," it took almost a week. When I called back, I got the standard we're working as fast as we can on your lens variant. This is all the more infuriating because due to their new monopoly policies, you can't send new lenses to the well-qualified outside repair shops.

William Neal New Member • Posts: 22
Going back for round two in Melville

Well after not being able to get sharp images with the center sensor since getting my D800 back, I broke down and purchased focal. I get the same results with every lens I own (24-70 f2.8, 50 f 1.4, and 135 f2) set fine tune to +20. The graph showing the results starts rising from left to right and never forms a downward curve. I called Nikon service and they are sending me shipping labels for the return trip.

William Neal New Member • Posts: 22
Re: How long is D800/E Service taking?--Parts Hold

Just to add salt to my wound, my D800 came back with extreme front focus and now has to go back.

elliotn Senior Member • Posts: 1,873
Re: How long is D800/E Service taking?--Parts Hold

You received the standard Nikon 'fix' - your left AF points were back-focusing so they zeroed those, and the side effect was that all other AF points are now front-focusing. It amazes me that they are happy to return cameras to in this state. If you used this camera on a shoot, your shoot would be hosed. It's this contempt for their customers that has got so many of us wound up.

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